Questions About African Spirituality

In short, all religions are based on spirituality, but not all spirituality comes from religion.

Religions tend to focus on dogma and doctrine, while African spirituality focuses on self-development, gaining knowledge of self, and ritual as a form of spiritual training.

Religion is a way to turn spirituality into a standardized practice for everyone to follow.

But everyone is not the same, and that is where religions fall short.  There is not one path or template one can follow that will guarantee heaven.

Instead, spirituality teaches that we are all created for different and unique purposes. And by living according to that purpose, one can experience heaven here on earth and beyond.

At least 50,000 years. We base that number on the first evidence found in Africa of spiritual practices such as burial rites and the study of cosmology.

Questions About Dr Sebi and Natural Healing

The greatest Black natural healer of our time. Dr. Sebi treated and cured a wide range of diseases. His clients included Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez (TLC) and Michael Jackson. Learn more about his methodology and biography by clicking here.

Questions About Pan-Africanism

Pan Africanism is defined as a belief in the laws and representation that benefits Africans – both at home and abroad.

Questions About Powernomics and Group Economics

Have you ever heard the saying that ‘when the world catches an economic cold, the Black world catches the flu”? Group economics is the solution to our collective economic vulnerability.

Groups economics means we spend with our Sisters and Brothers before we spend with others.

In short: buy Black and hire Black.

By keeping Black dollars in Black communities and by hiring each other, we can create jobs and generational wealth for ourselves, by ourselves, in our own communities.

Questions About Black History

Black history began in Africa with the first scientific and cultural evidence of intelligent Black civilizations. Current evidence supports that Black history began about 50,000 years ago.

Questions About Black Consciousness

Black consciousness is the knowledge of who you are, how you came to be, the world around you, and your place in the world.

We call this concept the 959 which stands for the 9 areas of life, 5 elements of life, and the 9 weapons of white supremacy.

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