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12 African Centered Educational Resources

Greetings family,

A few weeks ago my queen and I did a show where we highlighted 12 African Centered Resources for the community. While some of us may be aware of some of the resources mentioned, our aim is to make sure that we can no longer claim ignorance.

I would love the family to add your feedback, comments and more importantly share some of the resources that you are aware of.

One love

@dave-rankin I had never heard of Kokumo so Asante. It really is a great idea what they are doing.

Loved the video. You two are a complimentary duo. While watching the show, the thought that kept recurring to me was how important images and labels are. We call it African Centered education, when it really should just be education, given that it was first. But obviously due to our circumstances, we must call it this. These resources highlight just how much fun learning can be, meanwhile, mostly what I hear from the public school student athletes I work with are, how much they dislike school. Ome'nani the truth is in the land.

Brothers Thank you both for taking it in....


@asad - When I came across Kokumo, I was shocked to see that such a resource was out there. Definitely a wonderful idea.

@igbotic - You're absolutely right... It should be just be Education.

It just goes to show us, that the resources are out there.