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Before You Post, Read This

If You Have Taken A DNA Test...

Post your results below! Let us know the company you used to get your results, and anything unexpected you found out. You can upload a screenshot of your results, pictures, or any data you got.

If You Are Looking For The Truth About Your African Ancestry...

The best advice that I can give you is to take a DNA test that is specific to our people. I did a full review of all the tests out there, and here are the results I came up with: 

Be careful with any test other than the one I suggest. Some companies use or own your DNA once you submit it. That is not a reason to avoid all tests - as I mentioned, there are some good companies out there. 

If You Are A Researcher...

Offer us some advice on how to properly research our Ancestry!

Hello everyone I want to track my history and welcome any feedback.  I have done testing at my heritage and ancestry and plan on doing the African one next.  Here are the result for the first 2



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