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How do I test my internet speed?

As I struggle with finding an alternative to Comcast (I think I found one btw), I want to know how do I test the speed I am currently getting?

Comcast advertises a specific mbsp and I want to make sure I am getting what I pay for?

Does it really matter? Uh, not really as I am planning to discontinue their service, given our Brother Byron Allen revelation that these companies are NOT doing business with us anyway. Yet, they would not be the #1 cable subscriber UNLESS they had our help, while also denying access to rightful ownership in Black-serving entities such as Revolt, TVOne, Africa Channel, etc. etc.

Please any assistance.  Thanks!

Are you talking just internet speed?

Yes. I'm finding ways to dump Comcast and start Sonic, another ISP in my area.

After Roland Martin and Byron Allen's revelation that Comcast is raping our community, which he confirmed with Supreme Court receipts, then there is no way I can continue to support them. Tried canceling them and they threw a $10 discount at me! Wow. Hahaha