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Jambo PAA Family!

Peace and Blessings! ✨ My name is Sanaajai born and raised in the infamous aftershock of Chocolate City, DC. In DC, I worked with the Pan African Federalist Movement as Pan African Youth Coordinator and formed a movement called DeSchooling DC, which advocated for Self Directed Education and African Centered Education through homeschooling. I am now living with my King and Sun in the Caribbean, currently St. Kitts. Our family is working to empower African people by providing the defense necessary to maneuver through this low vibrational world. We create orgonite pyramids, pendants, and crystal jewelries. We provide healing services including guided chakra meditation and therapeutic art sessions. Our most prized possession that we share with the community is our dangerous book freedom library. I also enjoy creative expression through writing about Pan African liberation and inspecting Yurugu.

Check me out on IG @nefernajai and on our website where you can find out more about Orgonite, our merch and my 'Inspecting Yurugu Literature Series'.

Everything we create is available for purchase on our Etsy ThePeoplesEmpyrament

Blessings and look forward to building with you all!

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Muzuri Sis,

I was recently on your site! It's powerful.