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January 2020 Goals

The Pan African Forum

Something magical happens when you finally taste victory. When you have been chasing a goal for so long that you thought you would never catch it. And then one day you look up from the hunt and you realize that everything you want is within arms reach. When you finally get that first taste of something you have wanted so long it breathes life back into you. You hit your second wind. You find a new energy that takes you the rest of the way.

2019 gave me a taste. 2020 will give me a feast.

Every day it gets closer. Every month I get faster. Every year my empire manifests in the physical world piece by piece in the exact way that I see it in my minds eye.

January Physical Element Goal - Last month I promised myself I would do 4 to 6 days per week of physical training. I did 7.   This month, I will complete my January fast along with making fasting kits for the members. If you are a member, you know what I am talking about. 

January Metaphysical Element Goal - Last month I said I would check in on the Meditation challenge thread here every day. For every day that I miss, I said I would check in on the Insight timer app. I failed here because I got away from my evening ritual. All I can do is get back on the horse and try it again this month. Until it becomes a habit, my only metaphysical goal is to set a 30 day meditation streak. 

January Academic Element Goal - Last month I said I would nail down the final version of the chapters of the book and complete two chapters. I failed here because I fell into the classic trap of setting a goal and never adding it to my daily schedule. I dabbled in the book, but to get this done I am going to have to 'woodshed' it. So this month, I will spend at least one full day per week - Sunday - doing nothing but working on the book. That is the goal. All day. Every Sunday. Write. 

January Resources Element Goal - Last month I said I would have a fully functional front end website for the RNS project (the website I am going to sell off for five figures in 2020. Read the thread here). Apparently that goal was too small because I got it done in a day. This month, I will have 40 pieces of content between 900 and 3000 words up on that website. This will be a hard push but I am built for this.

January Relationships Element Goal Last month I said I would get clear about who I need on my team, find the places where they are most likely to be (Meetup groups, forums, etc), and team up with them. Done. I was able to put together job descriptions for the executive team that I need, times and dates for investors meetings, etc. Now all I need to do is attend these events. This month, I will attend two tax auctions to find real estate cash buyers that I can add to my roster, I will hire a content writer, and I will put out a notice to all members of the Pan-African Alliance to find a partner that can help me run this organization.

Every month, month after month, I list my goals to show and prove. I want you to do the same. First of the month, every month. These threads are going to become a monthly thing, so we'll all be able to easily look back at how far we've come, how much we've built, and to get some perspective. What are your goals for January 2020? Leave a reply below.