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My Black Wealth Journey From Zero To Five Figure Selloff

Week 7 Update - The Obstacle Is The Way

This is the first time I feel inertia with this project. That means I am moving out of the phase where everything is exciting and new and getting into the hard, boring, tedious, frustrating valley of the shadow of death.

This is the phase where projects start to die. Where they are no longer exciting. Where they get put on the backburner while people go off and start other projects.

This is how people end up with 15 projects that never get finished. They dont count on the fact that the 'middle passage' is a part of the journey and they are not built for it. They drop their guard and when the inertia, when the obstacles, when the adversity comes - and it always does - they are destroyed.

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The easiest way to get through this phase is to be aware that I am entering it. With that knowledge, I have more resolve. I have the will to work when I dont feel like it because I know that the exciting part is over, but my goals and objectives will never be met if I only work when I have the excitement to do so in me.

So I am grateful for the beginning of the hardest part of this journey. The sooner I get through it, the sooner I reach the shores of the promised land on the other side.

What I Got Done Last Week

✓set up a Podio workspace for my team

✓Hired three writers 

What I Will Do Next Week

Group 1: The Internet Gods

✓ I mentioned last week that the only thing I can do going forward is getting content up. Once that is done I will have some juice for search engines. So this week I will publish my top 5 big articles. These will be 3000+ articles with everything that it takes to rank a successful article in 2020.

If you are trying to do the same, here is some data.

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Group 2: My End-Buyer

✓ Now that I have set up my Podio workspace, I will migrate all my tasks from Trello to a Kanban board that I set up. If you dont know what I am talking about, Trello is a way to keep track of things that need to get done for you and your team. Trello has run my businesses for the past 4 years and I love it, but Podio is the future, and Kanban boards are a simplified version of what we were doing with Trello

Group 3: My Audience

✓ Last week I said I would reach out to agencies to find virtual workers. I really just stuck to Fiverr, so I dont know if I can say I achieved this goal. Fiverr is bottom of the barrel anyway, so this week I will expand my efforts legitimately. I think I am playing games with this because I really dont want to waste money or time for an inferior delivery from an unreliable virtual worker. I just need to remind myself - and you - that whatever you resist persists. And the obstacle that you least want to confront is usually the one that yields the most reward.

Successes, Failures, and Frustrations

My biggest frustration is, was, and always probably will be finding good people to do the work. I went to Fiverr to hire a Nigerian woman to write the article. She didn't even try. People always claim to be all about that life in the beginning or upfront. Then when its time to put in work you see who they really are.

With that being said, the obstacle is usually the way. If I can get better at finding good people, if I can change my screening process or my work proposals, or how I do business then maybe I can decrease my dismal turnover and hire-to-fire rate.

Whatever the case, I will whip these challenges with the same determination that I whipped all the other obstacles in my life.

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Thats it for this week. Back to work.

Excellent progress, and it feels like this is second-nature

Quote from Igbotic on January 5, 2020, 6:17 pm

Excellent progress, and it feels like this is second-nature

I can 1000% assure you it is not lol. Everything has changed online. Its harder than ever to be honest

You're telling me!

If I don't listen to a few minutes of the Elevation Jewels, then I would get lost and discouraged.

It is unbelievable how fast the online world moves. I was speaking to a woman today, mid 40's, who works in Tech here in the Bay Area (Product Marketing), and never touches code. She said there are companies severely lacking in quality candidates throwing $80K+ just to attract anyone who can do these jobs...

It's an evolving game, and you've gotta evolve with it.

Week 8 Update - Slow Motion Is Better Than No Motion

One of the reasons Russia has never been conquered is mud.


Specifically, weather. Every Army underestimates how deep the mud gets there. How cold the journey to the Russian capital gets. How difficult the terrain. And thats why they lose. They get overconfident from previous victories that they have had elsewhere and think they can run up into Russia quick and easy. It never happens that way.

I say all that to say this - I am stuck in the mud. I made the classic mistake of taking on too many projects and underestimating how much work my regular tasks would take. That article I wrote on 40 Black news websites? That took 4 days. Redoing the member dashboard? 2 days. Thats my whole week right there.

Heres the thing tho. If I had just hired people to do this for me, I could have kept pushing forward on this project. Why didnt I do that? I detail why under my successes and frustrations below.

What I Got Done Last Week / What I Will Do Next Week

I got nothing done last week. Not on this project at least. 

So this week will be a catch up week. I am going to change my strategy and get out of the Fiverr "talent" pool. Those workers are good for small, one off tasks but when it comes to projects I need to hire some professionals. Shout out to @yougoteck for mentioning the Black outsourcing platform. I am definitely going to give them a try. 

Successes, Failures, and Frustrations

Back to the issue of why I tried to do the work myself instead of just outsourcing.

  1. I dont know what my ROI would be on hiring someone versus just doing it myself. I make about $8,000 per week. That means - assuming a 40 hour workweek (I wish) - my time is worth about $50 per hour. So lets say I hire someone. It takes me about an hour to find the person, another hour to teach them how to do what I need, and then the cost of them doing the actual work. Thats about $300 assuming it takes them 4 hours to complete a task at $50 per hour. But what do I get in return? Will my $300 investment yield $1200? Since I dont know, then that means there is a flaw somewhere in my strategy. I should already know this. But where is the flaw?

UPDATE: If I am going to sell this project off for $10,000 minimum, that makes every article I outsource worth about $62 (assuming a 400% ROI that produces about $248 per article = $9,920). Ok, so now I think I have figured this part out!

  1. I am under the very false assumption that I have to wake up at 530 am every day. Probably a leftover from my military days. The problem is that I try to force myself to bed at a time that is not appropriate for me so I can wake up at a time that is also not appropriate for me. The result is that I wake up at 3am and cant get back to sleep. I just lay there for two hours scrolling through stupid TikTok videos. Then I am drowsy all day and I crash without getting work done during the day. Thats what happened multiple times this week leading to my failure to get anything done on this project. The solution is for me to respect my sleep chronotype and to go to bed and wake up when my body naturally wants to. I control my time, so I have that luxury. And I am not going to beat myself up if I wake up at 730 am.

Thats it for this week. Back to work.