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natural hair

would you join a zoom chat on your washday or the day you diy protective style for the week?
i have media i entertain myself with
id LOVE comany while i do my important hair for 2 hours

i am jasmine

hit me up for some $$$5 yoga!

IG: werwolfwomx

i live in my van. im no scammer. this is the only community im not intimidated to offer my services to! yeay!

i am starting a podcast.

im gonna pass a test to drive a box truck n make membership fees.

i need and am looking for BLACK community and family and sisterhood. Im a traveler.

I didnt even know this kind of community could be legit and not scary.

inclusive, women are included, language justice, cool flag, ansestral veneration, softeware login sharing.

im so empowered i will get the straight job once more

laying down my flower

to drive a box truck over the road by july.

I was convinced to join when I learned I can use the memberships login to adobe products!!!!! now thats a deal. I cant wait to get into it.

greaditude to the ansestors for illiminating my path like this

trying to fit into the mainstream, for me was like: a june bug on a warm night smaking into a glowing window over and over. year after year.


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