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Please help

Habari Gani Brothers and Sisters,

I have been a member for sometimes now. Since I joined the group I have grown and still growing, spiritually, emotionally and most important, consciously. My challenge is that at the moment am struggling to make means to generate money so that I can become a full member where I can choose Neter or Suten level. There are business mentor-ship materials that will help me to learn how make means to survive even if I am unemployed, that am unable to access till I become a member.

My request is that, if there is anyone who is able and can help me to pay for me to subscribe, even if its a 1 month just to able able to access the material start learning, PLEASE HELP!.

I trust that this finds you in order.

We have a Promo Team option for those who want to become members in exchange for helping us promote the Pan-African Alliance. You can find more information here Let me know if that helps @rahim

I believe this will help, thousands thanks....