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Proof that Eugenics Programs Have Played A Role In Destroying The African Diaspora

Watch the documentary here and leave your thoughts and findings on what you learn below. Discuss how we have worked against our best interest by embracing the weapons of white supremacy of miscegenation and eugenics.




Black Genocide in 21st Century America was a truly eye opening documentary that I enjoyed. In regards to how we as a people have worked against our best interest by embracing the weapons of white supremacy, I will start by addressing miscegenation - "if it ain't white then it ain't right" as some would say. Since the beginning of this bloody nation built on the blood, sweat and tears of our ancestors we have been programmed to hate not only ourselves but one another from our natural hair that comes in all different types of shades and textures, to the beauty of our skin that ranges in all shades from the darkest shades of black to the lightest shade of browns. I recall growing up around my peers and both men and women discussing how they want them a white girl or a white man or someone of Hispanic decent who is of lighter shades and finer hair so that their off spring will have 'good hair' and a more accepted shade of black. I recall these conversations because I too used to hate myself growing up for I did not know any better. I was not a firm believer in the darker the berry the deeper roots as Tupac Shakur says in "Keep Your Head Up." I too was a part of the crowd wanting to look more like my oppressors by putting chemicals into my hair for it to be more maintainable. Additionally, living out here in Germany all I see are inter-racial couples such as black men with German women and once in a while I will see a black woman with a German man. When it pertains to eugenics, we have been slowly killing ourselves for centuries starting with the nutrients or lack thereof of what we put into our body. Poverty stricken ghettos which are mostly populated with our Black Kings and Queens and every other block is a liquor store, a fast food spot filled with processed foods, construction, pollution, crime, you name it. We are placed within these environments not by choice but due to the weapons of white supremacy. 

Thoughts on and findings:

Maafa meaning African Holocaust. was apart of what in school was highlighted as the most brutal piece of history taught to students in class. I find it interesting that the reason behind the Jews going through a Holocaust was because they thought that the Jews were a blood tied to the Africans who were in Germany. The Africans were forced into concentration camps, sterilized during the same time the Jews were being put into concentration camps and burned alive. I remember going through a whole segment on the Holocaust; reading The Diary of Anne Frank and Night by Elie Wiesel, I do not recall any mentioning of Africans.

When natural disasters happen the government does not send aid to the countries that do not approve or support Planned Parenthood philosophies which is Birth Control and Abortions. In some places in Africa and Haiti, our people do not have access to clean drinking water, and quality hospital beds and equipment, however, they have an abundant of condoms and abortions tools. Sickening, if you may ask and that is over in another country. Here in America during a natural disaster the same actions are performed accept there is no refusing Planned Parenthood because it is located in every Urban or "Ghetto" and in my case here in Madison, WI is connected to the URBAN LEAGUE which was referenced several times throughout the documentary. Seeing how the NAACP supports these philosophies even still today only to cover their own pockets and not even realizing the amount of self hate they too pour into the system. Having babies are looked at as a struggle and Abortions are advertised as the easy way out 

There are many ways population controls still effects us today look around the corner as Texas is deciding to send African American babies to school during this global pandemic while allowing the white students to stay home and do virtual classes. Awakening segregation and racism even to the youth, sounds like the beginning of another African Holocaust in the pilot phase.

We have been disposed of our spirit, mind and land, We have been tricked into thinking that the rules and guidelines set up by our oppressors are fundamental to our development in growing ages; Only to find out the rules and guidelines leads us no where in this lifetime. Our people consider everything that is beautiful about us like our hair, language, traditions etc.. ugly

We have been taught to hate ourselves and each other through our music, the media, and just everyday conversation. It happened then and it still goes on today. It was shocking to me to see that Abortion is the number one reason to the 13% not moving in America not heart disease or AIDS/HIV but the unwillingness to bare child. The unwillingness to bare child does not come from anywhere right, It comes from the means to care for a child in which; not being able to obtain and maintain a place to stay and job or career. I know for me personally I factored in the fact that college was a no go for me and I took that into consideration because growing up I would hear " I need to be the one to break the cycle or "Generation curse" --- everyone in my family had babies at an early age and did not make it to college-- I thought my baby would slow me down. The best decision I made was allowing my baby to breathe his first breath. I now have 2 Prince in my humble castle and I give thanks for them because a lot of babies are not brought the same opportunity due the successful goal of our oppressors to rid them from our communities.

After watching this film it connected so many dots that i have been struggling to understand and has shed light on a lot of people, organizations and political leaders that growing up i have heard spoken very highly of but I don’t  think that any one that I know has ever gone back and done the work of fact checking these people and even if they did I don't think that they would have been able to fathom the full scale of the agenda behind it all.  In school i was taught about evolution and they loosely touched on Charles Darwin and it felt like a lot of info was being held back its almost funny now finding out why they cant speak on all his beliefs they definitely failed to mention how he thought we where a small step above Chimpanzees lol I also find it very disturbing/hypocritical that Nancy Pelosi has 100% approval rating of planned parenthood and yet we saw her and the rest of Congress kneeling in Kente scarfs.  Also i was shocked to find that when I attempted to order a copy of Samuel F. Yette book “The Choice” the lowest cost for a USED copy was $341.77 and if i wanted it new $782.86 and as high as $855.58 also almost impossible to find a pdf or an audiobook online but you can find the books “Apes Men and Morons” in almost every platform same with “The rising tide of color” and “Dragon and the cross” very suspicious and sad but i cant say I'm surprised.  I also was shocked to learn more about how our brothers and sisters where effected in the holocaust as well and where forced with the option to be sterilized or face concentration camps because most of the time especially in school we are hardly ever mentioned when the topic is discussed its crazy how Jews where viewed as almost essentially the same threat too white society as blacks and needed to be removed thru different forms of eugenics which surprisingly Adolf Hitler was inspired by American eugenicist.  The hatred defiantly runs deep who ever would have guessed that the government would take it as far as contaminating our water supply with birth control even having a United Nations meeting in 1969 to discuss the idea.  In my opinion the connection between the Government and Planned Parenthood is population control and the government is able to hide behind the shadow of Planned Parenthood to do its dirty work in assisting in black genocide without taking accountability its no coincidence that since abortion was legalized in 1973 that it's been the leading cause of death for our people ever since and that even at about 13% of the US population we account for 37% of abortion and that our babies are 5 times more likely to be aborted to a point that there are almost more black babies being aborted then born.  Also shocking to find out that the "RU-486" pill blocks the hormone the body needs to continue a pregnancy is developed by the same company that supplied the Nazi gas "Zyklon B" for gas chambers in the holocaust to murder approximately 1.1 million.  I read more into how the government can deny Aid to foreign nations after a natural disaster unless they accept birth control and population control philosophies that don't belong to them.  After being hit with all this new information it doesn't sound like the topic of abortion was ever a women's rights issue it definitely sounds like its about population control and figuring out a way to implement voluntary racial genocide with targeted positioning of Planned Parenthood facilitates majority of them built in poor black communities.  Leaves me with the question that if there was no slavery then would there have ever been a eugenics movement or talks of population control or if planned parenthood would have even ever existed in the first place?

I would say I was surprised by this documentary, but I really was not. The hate spreads so deep and the efforts to eliminate us have no limits. Thinking about eugenics in the form of us making a choice to commit voluntary genocide is gut wrenching though. Unfortunately, the way our society is setup where every person is left to fend for themselves instead of having the concept of "it takes a village to raise a child," we are left depending on the government for help. In order to break out of this system, we will have to get back to the understanding that community and relationships are everything. We are strong as a unit. This means we'll have to live off the land, growing our own food and live in a way that provides a life where our needs are taken care of by our own efforts in order to get rid of our dependence. Priorities. Priorities. Priorities.



I knew some background of Planned Parenthood and remember reading some quotes. And just being in disagreement with the concept of course. I must say, I am quite disturbed, disgusted, and not even surprised of how much the hatred goes.
Even as I write my thoughts, I am lost of words for the disgust. Planned Parenthood, the name alone paints a wonderful picture to people to donate in the name of our destruction.
Unfortunately, we has been playing a part in the name of politics and woman rights. As woman of color, I have been pro choice because regardless of what, I believe a women have a right to choose what she does with her body. Pro choice gave that right.  But it also unknowingly gave the right to fight along side the genocide of Black people. I wonder how many of us do not know the hatred to this extent and after watching this documentary, would women change their views. This is truly another eye opener for us that we have to stay alert and mindful of the subliminal messages when they people and want their agenda to be heard.

This documentary was very interesting to watch. I learned a lot of things that I was ignorant about. One thing that really stuck out to me was the fact that legal abortion has killed more African Americans than AIDS, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, & violent crime combined since 1973. Also, more Blacks die in abortion clinics than were killed in the entire Vietnam War. That is truly a significantly large number of what would have been our population. Something else that really blew my mind is how our people were threatened to be taken off of welfare if they were not sterilized. The measures that these people took because they said people in the Black community were "feebleminded," "unfit," "imbecile," "immoral," and "criminal" is absolutely sickening.

I feel that we as a people have worked against our best interest because we don't know the history behind things. The fact that they extended Planned Parenthood clinics into our neighborhoods gave our people easy access to do what they wanted us to do. As Black women, we feel that we should have the right to do what we please with our own body but I feel that if we learn the history and purpose of Planned Parenthood, we could change our view and work against their effort of destroying our population.

Watching Maafa 21 stirred up feelings of surprise, sadness, ignorance, empathy, and anger. I was shocked that this has been happening for many years and I’ve never been aware of it. I became a mother at the age of 16 and could have easily experienced the cruel and unjust treatment that Elaine Riddick suffered. This documentary has definitely made me change the way I view Planned Parenthood, birth control, and pro-life vs pro-choice issues.  I really thought Planned Parenthood was designed to help expecting mothers and families but I now know how wrong I was.  And our people are so trusting of the pastors and doctors that they believe whatever they tell them or comply with whatever treatment they recommend because we have been brainwashed to think they have our best interest in mind and not some hidden agenda. Most of all this documentary makes me want to fight and educate our people to what is going on right before our eyes and how we must strive to prevent it.

After watching the documentary Maafa 21: Black genocide in 21st Century America, I began to see a lot of dots connected in what is happening in our present time.  To summarize the film, it began by defining Maafa, when, where and why it originated and how it continued until this day.

Maafa, African Holocaust, Holocaust of Enslavement, or Black Holocaust are political neologisms popularized from 1988 onwards and used to describe the history and ongoing effects of atrocities inflicted on African people, particularly when committed by non-Africans and argued as "continued to the present day" through imperialism, colonialism and other forms of oppression. (Wikipedia)

This started, according to the film after the slaves were made free, and tactics were created to prevent an uprising of blacks.  Due to the fear of crime, intermarriage, and being outnumbered; the white elite began to meet to determine ways to get rid of the problem they created for themselves. First they thought about bringing the Africans back to their continent, but this proved to be not entirely possible. Whites like Charles Darwin who came up with the idea of the survival of the fittest and his cousin, founder of Eugenics, Francis Galton came up with the idea that white people were superior and that blacks were inferior. They began to inspire reasons why black people should be eliminated. White elitist tried positive eugenics, by which whites were told to have many children so as to out number the blacks, however, this too did not work. Then the idea of negative eugenics or race suicide came into play.  By using descriptors as feeble-minded, unfit, immoral, criminal, and imbecile they were able to politically justify the killing of millions of blacks. After the killings they began sterilizing blacks by threatening to remove their government assistance in the form of food and money if they did not agree to be sterilized.  It was discovered that before the U.S. provided aide to countries and places even here in this country (specifically in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina) aide from the U.S. government would not be given without the people agreeing to population control in the form of sterilization.  Both adults and children were victims of this heinous act.

As time went on people like Margaret Sanger were able to approach the killing of blacks in a "less threatening way".  She and all her supporters such as the Rockefeller and the Carnegie families just to name two, came up with the idea of birth control and abortion to continue the agenda of eugenics.  The film pointed out how laws are being past to authorize the racial cleansing of black people and how you can easily find planned parenthood (the organization founded by Margaret Sanger) in low income black neighborhoods. Abortions are the number one killer of black Americans. Black women make up 12% of the population, but make up 37% of the abortions in our country. The same people who developed the gas chamber to kill Jews during the Jewish Holocausts were the same people to develop the abortion pill during this African Holocausts. Same people- same agenda.

After watching this film I realized how this agenda can be strengthen right now in 2020.  Millions of people are unemployed right now because businesses are closing due to the pandemic.  The government has sent out stimulus money and unemployment money to many people, but the aide ended at the end of July. What are people to do? How will they care for their families? How will they survive?  I would not be surprised if while they are "negotiating" another stimulus payout, that they create a stipulation of sterilization or abortion of pregnant women before they award poor people any handouts.  There was also rumors of food shortages across the country, yet they were pouring out milk and killing farm animals because they did not have workers to process it, thus no products to bring to the stores.  Maybe the powers that be wanted the people to starve.  Less mouths to feed.  Less people on public assistance. Less people to house.  Or just simply "population control due to nature (the pandemic)" I heard someone say.  What I also see are those same people become sick and tired of being sick and tired rise up, and create another revolution. Much bloodshed may happen, but black people are tired. We did not ask to be brought here.  We just want to live and let live. We must all do our part and spread the truth about the knowledge that was learned here.  We must save our own- by all means necessary!

While we don't have Planned Parenthood up here in Canada. Alexander Graham Bell of Bell Canada and Charles E. Clark of Centre for Addiction and Mental Health or CAMH and University of Toronto professor were staunch followers of Margaret Sanger.

From this article it describes how eugenics was part of the Mental Health field.

"The mental health field, born out of the eugenics movement, is also responsible for other forms of systemic racial violence. The Canadian National Committee of Mental Hygiene (CNCMH), the precursor to the Canadian Mental Health Association, was established in 1918 as a major advocate for coerced sterilization, anti-miscegenation, and immigration control.

Coerced sterilization was implemented in several Canadian provinces, disproportionately targeting Indigenous peoples. In Alberta, mental health workers identified people to be diagnosed as ‘mentally defective’ to allow for consent requirements for sterilization to be waived under the Sexual Sterilization Act of Alberta, which was made into law in 1928 (Samson, 2014). In British Columbia, the government created boards, consisting of a psychiatrist, a judge, and a social worker, to make decisions around the sterilization of inmates deemed likely to have a mental illness by way of inheritance (McLaren, 1990)."

While CAMH has a health equity department headed by an African, most people on the outside don't trust the system.