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The Plight of the Afro Latino

Hey everyone, this is James Christopher Moore again. I want to bring up the discussion of the Afro Latino. I myself am of mixed descent. My mother is native to Guatemala - and my father is a Black man from America. Now, being so-called "Black" is very broad, and the ambiguity alone deals an injustice to the expansive diaspora. His bloodline hails from South Carolina and St. Croix. (His mother and father, respectively.) Before my awakening to the Right Knowledge and my appreciation of Black culture, I used to experience an emotional and spiritual pain not being able to identify with either side fully. I don't conform to social standards. To the brainwashed brothers and sisters, I'm not dark enough. I am articulate therefore I am imitating "White" tendencies. I don't sag or listen to trap music so I'm not accepted. To Hispanics I'm a disgrace because although I can mostly understand Spanish, I cannot speak it well. With all this in mind, I found it daunting to love myself enough to find value in my roots.

I've been finding it increasingly harder to interpret my own race and ethnicity - especially as I begin to search for jobs. I see the question "Are you of Hispanic or Latino descent?" If I check yes, I cannot choose to be Black and vice versa. I recently read the article explaining the difference between the race and ethnicity, and I get the gist of it now. What I don't understand is how I can't be Black and Hispanic at the same time according to the government census. That in itself to me is an enigma. If there already an identity crisis with just being Black ("fully" as far as you know), you could only imagine brewing another culture into the pot!

I now consider myself a Black man part of a bigger picture. Though, I'm curious to hear your input on this matter! I believe wholeheartedly that if it's discussed, it'll be another step to brotherhood within the diaspora and Pan-African movement. An exchange of understanding and compassion is an essential pillar to our cause as a people. Thank you for reading, blessings to you all.

In the Community we consider the womb you come from as your true lineage. It has been this way for thousands of years. In Kemet, your Mothers line - not your Fathers - determined whether you had a claim to the throne.

As a bi-racial man, you are blessed with multiple sides of the human story to learn and you should learn them both equally! Your role in this community and in this movement is to be a bridge between the two worlds. In fact - Biracial Brothers like you can be the only legitimate bridges. Other groups understand that and instead use bi-racial people as buffer classes. But by taking your identity into your own hands, you can be a force for good.

Let me know your thoughts @jamesx2002

One other thing James, according to my research all human beings can be connected back to Mother Africa through Mitochondria Eve’s DNA —- it’s like fighting a distance cousin then realizing you have a blood connection eventually.  The deeper I go down this path of knowledge it becomes silly the fight we are in.  Yet, it’s a real war...against the awakening of this knowledge.  Our ignorance is a Trillion dollar industry and we are currently losing the battle.  I am so proud of you and your awakening I am putting together a course on the Africa/Latino connection because it’s Mega.  Latin/South America and the islands actually had more slaves the West or America and they are even more asleep.  This war is universal! The black man has NO friends around the world, everyone has sold us out and we are the creators of all.  Find a place you are passionate about and pickup arms in this battle we all have a place in it!