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Traveling to Afrika

Has anyone on here been to the continent this year? If so, what country and what was your impressions of the people, places and cultures you happened upon.


If you have not been are you willing to entertain the idea of going in the next 6-8 months and what countries would you be interested in and why?


The point of this post is I have connections that could get you there. I myself have visited the continent twice, once to South Afrika for a week and then Ghana for 5 weeks.

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No, I have not visited the continent. I am very much interested in visiting and would be prepared to do so in the next 6 to 8 months. Asante for reaching out and extending an invitation for this opportunity. Also. I have my passport. I am interested in visiting Ghana, South Africa, and Egypt. I am open to other locations as well.

Hello Elder Rhonda,


The first trip I was looking to take a small group to Ghana. A Visa is also needed for visitation as well and the trip would be for two weeks at least. Depending o. The response to this post I will start giving out more information and packaging options.


Word of mouth is the best advertisement, so if you know of any like minded sister or brother that would be interested, let me know.

Asante, please provide more information on visas. Also, any shots required???? Not at all looking forward to those.


The only shot required is the Yellow fever shot but I know a way around that because I took I and was sick as hell for about a week (which was remedied by some local herbs) and private message me on slack with your email and before the week is out I will send you an example copy of the visa application.