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What Do You Do? Post Your Business, Skills For Hire, or Profession In A Thread Below!

If you are a freelancer, make it easy for us to find you, hire you, and get help with our biggest business problems. Also, if you are in need of a specific kind of freelancer, post it up!

Personally, I am looking for writers, graphic designers, SEO specialists, editors, and video producers. 

No experience needed, but I will need samples of your work, so be sure to add a link to any results you have produced in the past, or to articles that you have written. If you do graphic designs, post them below. Same with video, beats, etc.

And if you dont do any of the above, feel free to introduce yourself, your business or side hustle, and your skills for hire. We need to start hiring and working for each other if we are to get serious about Powernomics and creating alternative economies worldwide!

I want to be a part of this I will post a few of my articles

FYI there is a website which is operated by Jay Jones of the Black Entrepreneur Blueprint podcast.

I have never used this particular resource, but it always sticks in my mind.

My business

After 15 years we’ve switched to a home study yoga teacher training program. This makes deepening yoga and meditation more accessible to our community.  You can learn to teach yoga for wellness studying from home, going at your own pace, level by level. In this HI Yoga (Heritage and Identity) course participants are encouraged to accept their uniqueness, including ancestry, culture, and Identity.

I'm a Yoga Therapist who through online consultation helps individuals improve their health and wellbeing through simple steps.  [email protected]


I have an article to submit.