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Your attention is called to a Classic

Randomly picked up The Destruction of Black Civilization, and opened to page 53


THERE MUST BE A NUMBER OF PRE-CONDITIONS WITHOUT which the genius of any people for thinking, discovering, and building will be inhibited or eventually die under extreme circumstances.

A few of these pre-conditions are:

(1) The people must become famine-free and able to settle down and end their perennial roaming from place to place in search of food an water

(2) Finding suitable territory, the leaders must proceed, through negotiations with other neighboring societies and fragmented groups, to nation-building.

(3) A crucial pre-condition: There must be developed a sense of national community among the various language groups that make the country. This is so important that it cannot be left to wishful thinking or chance. It must be programmed in such a way that a sense of loyalty and of being an important part of a great united brother-sisterhood, which is the nation itself...

In short, certain conditions in a country can bring about that internal peace, stability, and confidence which unshackled the mind.

There is now, time to think (pg. 54).

Thanks to Provoke Academy for the picture.

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#3 is proving to be the most difficult...