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    January 29, 2019 at 4:13 am

    Hello again?

    What have I studied on my spiritual journey?

    I took ‘Healing Energy’ online course through ‘Mind Valley Academy’.

    Dr. Boyce Watkins- Investing in Cryptocurrency

    ‘Inclusive Leadership Skills’ -EdX

    ‘I Achieve Today’ online Law Of Attraction Program

    A member of ‘The Resistance 2010’

    Member ‘Secret Energy'(online spiritual community)

    Black Vegan

    ‘The Secret Teaching Of All Ages’ Manly P. Hall

    ‘Ancient Black Hebrews’

    ‘Command the Morning’

    ‘Prayer Rain’

    ‘Alien Deception, Fallen Angels- Walking Dead’

    ‘Word Magic’ Pao Chang

    ‘Morals and Dogma’ Albert Pike


    ‘Developmental Psychology of the Black Child’

    ‘The Food Pharmacy’

    ‘Death of White Sociology’

    ‘History Of Religions’

    ‘Medical Apartheid’

    ‘African American vs African Spirituality’

    ‘Meta-Physics for Beginners’

    This is just a few books and classes I took on my journey. I am most definitely not the same person I was before I started my journey. I applied the knowledge gained to my everyday life.

    I invested in crystals for mediation, I became a vegetarian for six months, homeschooled my children. I started the ‘Hood-Hippie Community’ because as I became more intuned to my inner self I became very creative, I paint abstract art and make jewelry. I developed a workout routine so I could have a connection with nature by power walking, and doing palettes while releasing negative energy that my body, mind, and soul greatly benefitted from. I changed my thought patterns with Mindful thinking, as part of my growth I wrote three things I was grateful for every day. Family members, associates, and strangers reached out to me because they watched my growth and wanted to know what I was doing. I cut off mostly every aspect of my life that did not serve me.

    This has been by far, the hardest but most rewarding experience of my life, and I still have ways to go.