• Demetrius Irick

    April 10, 2019 at 12:46 pm

    Hello Family: My name is Demetrius Irick
    Personality type: ESTJ-A (Assertive Executive)
    Role: Sentinel
    Strategy: People Mastery

    Life Mission (Nia),
    I will equip, encourage and educate African American youth our vast history to bring about their individual knowledge of self. I will use my time, resources and God-giving talents to create more informed productive role models in our communities.

    I realize meeting and coming to this community was a part of the overall journey I was intended to reach. I am a Certified Professional Life & Executive Coach with over 20 years of Leadership, Management experience in Corporate America (Barnes & Noble, Footlocker, DTLR, Kmart, Sears)(Army Reserves). At the beginning of this year, I moved to Orlando Fl after an 18-year marriage came to an end. As a means to restart my life and pick up the pieces, I left Charlotte NC and here I am in Sunny Fl. I have a rich history of different experiences from owning a Restaurant and a Publishing Company. I wrote and published a personal memoir and a few books for other independent authors. I truly enjoy people especially youth as they are our future and we are responsible for giving them the tools to be successful. I believe our village concept has been broken thus one of the reasons for so much discord amongst our community.

    The life I have lived up until meeting this family I realize was to help me get into what my true mission should be. I can’t even front guys…I am scared, I am scared of the unknown, the fear of being alone, as I move into this mission I have already started losing old friends and family yet I feel a sense of relief. I am scared that I am not going to be successful monetary, I am scared that I do not have a complete and well thought out plan. I am truly walking on faith and put out these fears, my goals, and my dreams to you as my extended family in hopes of finding accountability partners to assist me along this journey. I am truly thankful for this platform and look forward to working with all of you…I am ready to earn a new name that is more reflective of our history, my future and my legacy!

    Until the next time,