• andrawilliams1960

    April 11, 2019 at 3:16 am

    It is very important to me that my grand children know their heritage and their potential. I have awesome grandson whos very curious and intuitive. My granddaugher is very creative but she at that age where she needs to given new direction. I want to guide them into their true destiny. But I must know mine.I need the correct tools in order to accomplish this endeavor. As for my daughters I want for them to be able to recognize their true potential. As for the rest of the world women seem to gravitate to me young and old various races and backgrounds. I want for them to also recognize their greatness. These ladies trust me with their secrets and failures and yet sometimes I dont really have the answers.
    They have a tremendous amount of respect for me. I owe them the truth and I owe them the best that I have to give. So I need to understand how I can help them on a deeper level. Its a honor and priviledge that I take very seriously. My personality type is INFJ-T. Looking forward to the beginning of a new life and the ending of a old life.