• josephwalker

    April 15, 2019 at 10:47 am

    Peace and happiness fellow Seekers my name is Joe. I currently reside in New Jersey, and work as a Ramp Agent at FedEx Express. I joined the course to learn more about our collective past, present, and the movement for the future. I’m sick of waiting for black people to establish solidarity, but I understand we still suffer from the “Willie Lynch syndrome and PTSD.”
    It took me awhile to really understand what I feel my (Nia) purpose, because grinding for riches won’t bring happiness to my children/collective family. We need to establish the importance of community and fully respect/ honor those principals.
    My Personality type is Mediator – (INFP-T)
    Individual traits: Introverted – 56%, Intuitive – 51%, Feeling – 60%, Prospecting – 57%, Turbulent – 51%
    Role: Diplomat

    My Nia:
    I will advocate for socioeconomic power in the Black community. By building sustainable communities, mastering our resources, and protecting those assets.