• josephwalker

    April 17, 2019 at 12:28 pm

    Brother @Asad,

    What will it take in the BLACK community to have solidarity without a major crisis?

    It will definitely take a radical act called Brazen, but not to be compared to the term “Unapologetic ally Black”. Our people still suffer from the fear of (Master) will caught us if we assemble, or can we trust the brother/sister next to me. This FEAR and Inability to DEMAND our basic RIGHTS as humans of Recognition as a Person, PRIDE, Equality under the Law, and Freedom of Assembly MUST END. It’s so deep that it bleeds from our DNA generation by generation, and it’s perpetuated by America’s blatant double standards of White privilege. It will take a conscious movement to connect as people to each other and stop marching, or complaining using virtual platforms. We must take bold physical actions on a weekly and yes daily basis even to the point of discomfort. Our people need drastic change to set a new course for our people and not the default existence we currently live. UNITED we prosper, but Divided they keep us DOWN.

    What do I mean when I say building sustainable communities? What does that look like?

    When I refer to the term sustainable communities its the planning, building, or modification of sustainable living in Black communities globally. When people think of sustainable living there’s 2 viewpoints 1) Ultra modern green- tech homes on the GRID, or 2) Basic low- tech homes off the GRID.

    Sustainable communities for our people should focus on land OWNERSHIP, environmental stewardship, economic sustainability, urban infrastructure, social equity and municipal government involvement. The way I imagine it if the US government gave native black people reparations, and we bought land in certain major cities and turned it into WAKADA! Instead of wasting it like some Indian tribes people wasting their land rights, and using the stipend check as welfare. We use our funds to build self sufficiency and our own economic infrastructure.