• Diana

    November 10, 2019 at 9:11 pm

    Chapter 1: Depending on what version of the Pert M Heru book that you have, when you read page 9, it says there’s “another book” that will give you an understanding of the Pert M Heru, but since I already have this book in my possession let me work with what I got and maybe later if we decide to we can read this “other book” that the author recommended reading before the Pert M Heru.

    • Myth or mythology is a language.
    • Ancient Egypt was a civilization that flourished until the Greeks took over. Later the Arabs took over Egypt all the way up ‘til today.
    • We are immortal and we continue on even after “death”. Ignorance leads us to a lifetime or many lifetimes of turmoil; knowledge of self will end the cycle.
    • Smai Tawi is the union of your lower and higher self.
    • Living the teachings aka mysticism (step 3) (the truth can only be experienced), will transform your consciousness (you will grow in consciousness) and you’ll become an Enlightened Being. That is the goal of life.
    • Myth – Ritual – Mysticism (a deeper understanding of the message = wisdom)
    • The lower self relates to that which is negative (uncontrolled in the human mind) and the higher self relates to that which is above temptation and good in the human heart.
    • The disciplines of Smai Tawi are listening, reflecting, and meditating.
    • To find your soul or true self, you must get rid of the ignorance.
    • There are 3 stages of spiritual evolution and I think some of us fall into stage 1 which is Aspiration.
    • Every One and every Thing is Divine.