• Yorick Hempstead

    November 11, 2019 at 6:41 am


    Udja… I am very, very curious about mysticism and want to learn. I am also skeptical and cautious about the possibility of opening any spiritual doors to the unknown that I may regret later. Since losing my Grandmother, the strongest Matriarch in our family and living life into my 20’s, I have known full well we are not alone subconsciously in this physical realm.

    Over the past several years after receiving hundreds of messages subconsciously throughout my adult years. I began calling on my known,  departed and beloved ancestors for their help, and they haven’t let me down yet.

    It wasn’t until after calling on my ancestors for a few years that they sent a niece to me to give me confidence in my journey. Keep in mind, I never talked to this niece about spirituality or my journey, she simply sent a message to me through the family that she has a message for me.

    She is also the daughter of my favorite and dear departed younger brother who died almost 3yrs ago. She is a Yoga instructor and is into the metaphysical. I don’t feel comfortable divulging all of what this young/old soul has revealed to me, but her prophetic message has enabled me to surmise that what we have with the ancestors and the universe is real, there are levels to this journey, and I want to proceed with love, without ego, but with caution.

    Here is how her message to me from the Ancestors began: “I’ve been working with the ancestors to clear generational curses and trapped emotions that have been inherited and passed down our family line…”

    I hope that answers your question, dear Sister?