• Diana

    November 11, 2019 at 8:41 am


    Udja… One of the things I would like us to walk away with the Pert M Heru after 4 weeks is an understanding of the “utterances”. The African spirituality we’re all here for is presented in the Pert M Heru (I think), and we’re going to try to understand what it is that we’re reading. In my opinion when we open these “spiritual doors” imma go out on the limb here and say with confidence that there will be no regrets. Why I feel so confident to say this is because the African spirituality that our ancestors practiced was effective for thousand of years before their civilization collapsed (I’ll share more of that when we meet on Sunday). This present “civilization” that we’re in now has only been in existence for literally a minute compared to our ancestors and it will definitely not last as long as our ancestors. Check out the “@channel” and post your thoughts about what Asad said regarding our ancestors’ calendar. That blew my mind with what he posted because when I read the Pert M Heru, I was blinded to those words. It went over my head because I didn’t understand it. Another reason to why these discussions are important because what one of us misses the other will point out! Yes, we are all going to proceed with caution, but let there be no regrets. “I’ve been working with the ancestors to clear generational curses and trapped emotions that have been inherited and passed down our family line…” <–  this right here is powerful. I had to re-read this a couple of times. Wow.