• Diana

    November 11, 2019 at 11:33 am

    @ Yorick,

    Ase… I can only imagine the impact of the rest of the message, but yeah that was deep what you quoted by your niece. It got me thinking about my own self and family. Not to get to much into it but I feel like my family is cursed and the only time we get together amicably are at funerals (and even than there’s somewhat drama). No body in my family gets married, just hooks up, babies, no ceremonies (unless it’s a funeral). I’m fleeing from what seems like a “generational curse” that ends with me! But let me stop rambling.
    I hope we find the answers to what we’re looking for in African Spirituality. One thing for sure is that the church is not practicing order because we wouldn’t be where we are today in this chaos that we’re witnessing whether in our personal lives or the public.