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A Celebration of Genocide: The Untold Truth About Thanksgiving

A Celebration of Genocide: The Untold Truth About Thanksgiving

Today in the United Snakes States of America, millions will be sitting down to gluttonous feasts of dead meat, baked sweets, and enough  grease and salt to tranquilize a horse in the name of giving thanks. But before you tuck in your bib, allow me to slap you in the face with a helping of Black consciousness:

Celebrating Thanksgiving in America is like Germany celebrating the Holocaust. This should be a day of mourning and remembrance for the hundreds of thousands of indigenous people slaughtered at the hands of WHITE CHRISTIANS…who gave their food and lives so that their oppressors could live.

For those of you who weren’t taught the real story in school, it went something like this….

The First Thanksgiving

We don’t know exactly how things went down back in 1621, but we do know that many of the early American colonies at that time had been settled by the Pilgrims who, in the face of persecution, fled Europe. The New England colonies, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maryland were conceived and established “as plantations of religion”, and wanted to create “a city on a hill” or a “holy experiment,” whose success would prove that God’s plan for his churches could be successfully realized in the American wilderness.

And at the time, America was just that – a wilderness.

The harsh New England winter was punishing. Many Pilgrims died of disease and starvation. If it weren’t for the Wampanoag Indians, the would have all been killed off. Unfortunately, this wasnt the case. The Wamanoag rescued these settlers and they, in turn, celebrated with a feast of Thanks to the Indians. Beyond the first joint “Thanksgiving,” there were no further meals of mutual peace, dependence, and friendship.

In 1637, Massachusetts Governor John Winthrop ordered the massacre of thousands of Pequot Indian men, women and children (using the Bible to justify his actions). Winthrop’s actions set off a demonic campaign of extermination for the purpose of claiming America in the name of God and church, and to systematically  plunder the resources of the Native Americans.

The final result was the near extinction of every single indigenous tribe in the United States and Canada, and anywhere from 10 to 30 million people dead.

10 to 30 million people. Dead. 

Eventually, the words of thanksgiving prayers involved the recognition and celebration of the colonists’ victory of “oppression” of the “heathen captives.” In other words, the Pilgrims actually tried to convince themselves that they were the ones being oppressed by the Indians, and were forced to fight back!

Now today, we find that the so-called “holiday” has been completely white-washed (pun intended) as a time for family, football, fat shit, and “giving thanks”.

As Black Conscious men and women, we know the truth: that Thanksgiving marks the beginning of one of the worst human injustices — the suppression, oppression, and near annihilation of the Native Indians. In one word:


This was the worst atrocity in recorded history. Worse than the Holocaust. Worse than slavery.

The genocide of the native Americans is estimated by David Stannard in his American Holocaust, 1992, pp. 74-75, p.151 to be 100 million people for the hemisphere and 18 million for the area north of Mexico. The deaths associated with the slavery trade, by contrast was estimated to be 28 million people (cf., Stannard, p. 151), and the holocaust of the Jewish people was estimated to be 6 million people.

According to 1909 Census, the number of Cherokees was 369,035, Navajo 225,298, Sioux 107,321, Apache 53,330,  Cheyenne 11,809 and Comanche 11,437. In the 1910, the total population of North American Indians was about 400,000, down from about 18 -19 million in 1492. (Provided by this site)

Besides, What Do We Have To Be Thankful For?

Someone mentioned on our Twitter timeline that I should be grateful that I live in the richest nation on Earth, and not in some African mud-hut village.

My reply was: “I can’t tell the difference”.

Sure, the cars, stores, and television channels are nicer here in America.

However, unless you belong to the 2 percent representing the United States ruling class you should not be thankful at all. As Black men and women in America, we are manipulated, discriminated, hunted down in the streets by police, robbed of our hard-earned wealth, ridiculed and mocked within the media, and constitute the highest murder rates, HIV rates, heart disease and diabetes rates, dropout rates, foreclosure rates, bankruptcy rates, illiteracy rates, and incarceration/recidivism rates.

If the cops don’t kill you, the McDonald’s will. Welcome to America, Black folks!

Those mud-hut villages don’t look so bad now, do they?

Indeed, I would be more thankful for a country that lives according to its principles, allows the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness of all its citizens, and acts as a beacon of hope, light, and help to the rest of the world. All the things America has NOT been for Africa and her children since the inception of this country.

But If You Must Observe Thanksgiving…

…Then observe this holiday for what it really should be: a day of mourning and remembrance for the countless millions who died so that white invaders and butchers could have the space to build their churches, bars, and shopping malls. This day should be used to reaffirm what should be America’s promise to itself…that never again would this country stain its hands with the blood of innocent indigenous for the sole purpose of acquiring land, resources, or out of pure bigotry.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. America continues to slaughter the indigenous people of the world for the same reasons they massacred Native Americans. In Iraq, Palestine, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Uganda, and all across Africa, the United States is directly involved in acts of military aggression against the indigenous people of the world.

Those of us who believe in original values, and who assert our Black consciousness refuse to celebrate Thanksgiving. Whether or not you believe and assert the same, I hope that after reading this article, you will at least take some time to reflect on those who died so you would have an excuse to fill your gullet with poisonous genetically modified “food”.

Some Toughts (15)

  1. Afrofogey
    added on 22 Nov, 2012

    Is this United Black America? Or some sort “Pan Oppressed” people site? Worse than slavery? Hell naw. 1 black life is worth 1 million Indian lives. Why? Because I’m Black, my side is first, plain and simple.

    • added on 22 Nov, 2012

      Youre joking, right? When we start to believe that one life is “worth more” than another, we are imitating the same lack of empathy and false sense of superiority that white people perpetrated and used to drive the indigenous peoples of the world to assimilation and near extinction. Their plight is, without a doubt, worse than ours. Black men and women have the luxury of sitting around reading this website. Native Americans dont. Why? Because they are all dead, save a handful that remain on reservations. All the others have been assimilated. Black men and women live. The Native Americans are extinct. THAT IS WHY THEIR PLIGHT IS WORSE THAN THE PLIGHT OF SLAVERY. They dont have a chance to bounce back and reestablish what was lost. We do.

      • Afrofogey
        added on 22 Nov, 2012

        Nope all people should see their fights as primary and yes a Black life is worth one million Indians lives. I am for my people all day and care nothing about equality or any other silly abstract notions.
        There are plenty of Native Americans around, they have their own websites. And guess what? They aren’t sitting around yacking about the plight of Negroes, some are actually rather anti Black, nothing wrong with that as they owe us nothing. But I’m a Nationalist not an person of color or oppressed person or whatever the trendy thing is. Nationalism require one puts their own first and formost all the time. Slavery was far worse than their plight, they simply were invaded and eliminated it was common all over the world. Native Americans conquered other Native Americans for that matter. Stop with the PC non sense.

        • added on 25 Nov, 2012

          This isnt to say that our PRIMARY concern is with the plight of the Native Americans. The purpose of this article is to highlight the truth behind this holiday. With so many Black families celebrating Thanksgiving based on false assumptions, the discussion must be had here. This site is very, very obviously centered around our issues and our viewpoints as Pan Africans. If you happened to miss our 200 or so previous articles, check out our archives.

          I too am a nationalist. That does not mean that I overlook facts for the convenience of perpetrating a false doctrine of superiority.

          Your anti-human sentiments are yours. Not ours.


          • Afrofogey
            added on 25 Nov, 2012

            You are certainly not a Nationalist. Nationalist concern themselves with Nation building of their own kind, not whining about the tribulation of others or trying to align themselves the losers of other battles. Thats illogical. I love Thanksgiving, family , food, turkey etc..what happened to Indians is of no concern of mine, I’ll let ya’ll “people of color” worry bout that, I’ll worry about Black folks. I’m not sure you think black folks would gain from being sensitive to others plight. I have no interest in sitting around the camp fire singing kumbyya.

            “Anti human” lmao straight out the white leftist handbook, come on now Asad. Your better than that.

      • Rafael
        added on 24 Nov, 2012

        Since I watch Doctor Claud Anderson videos saying that Native Americans enslaved black people as well and the five nations worked with the south to the maintenance of black slavery I kind of lost my empathy for the Indians, and this proves that in the end Afrofogey has some reason, they did what was best for themselves and didn’t care about the blacks, and I read somewhere a study from a woman Louise Marie Diop-Maes that the real numbers of black people who died because of slavery and white and arab influence and domination in Africa from 16 to 19 centuries was 400 million people since real numbers for the Africa population were in fact 600 millions of people before the whites slavery trade begin, this could be the numbers of black people who died on the slave trade PLUS the number of black people how died in Africa, if this is true than its 4 times more Indians, I could post the link here if you want but it’s in portuguese.

        • added on 25 Nov, 2012

          Now THATS a great comment, and its appreciated. In fact, Im digging through some archives to get the actual number. If your statement is accurate, then I will definitely post a revision with credit given to you. Its hard to believe that one can gain an accurate census of the entire continent back then when so many regions were unknown to Whites and Arabs at the time.

          With that being said, it is no doubt true that some Native Americans sided with the whites. Its also true that some BLACK SLAVES fought on the side of whites during the Civil War. Hell, most of our martyrs died at the hands of other Black men.

          • Afrofogey
            added on 25 Nov, 2012

            So that excuses WHOLE tribes enslaving Blacks? I dont know about you, but I’m not looking for a new master. A non white one is as bad as white one. It kills me when some black tries to explain away Native American slave holding by saying “ts also true that some BLACK SLAVES fought on the side of whites during the Civil War” and similar lmao Either the enslaver of your ancestor are your enemy or not, stop rationalizing it. You do it, Without mentioning no mass or nation of American Blacks slaved( and no the masses of blacks didnt fight for the south, Coates does a good job ripping apart that silly myth you promoting) other American Blacks or any Indians for that matter.

          • added on 26 Nov, 2012

            LOL, Who said anything about making Native Americans our new masters?! Tell you what, you keep loving Thanksgiving and hating other races. I believe in ORIGINAL VALUES, and dont subscribe to any doctrines that promote self love via hatred of others. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere – and what happened was an injustice that should never be forgotten. I dont know what tip you comin from, but ANY time a man speaks in absolutes, he is most likely wrong. You are proving that point with every silly comment you make. Keep em coming, but dont expect a response from me.

      • Tonya
        added on 6 Feb, 2013

        Thank you! And you know who saved us and didn’t cause us to become extinct, our Creator Yah, He still has a plan for us.

  2. added on 22 Nov, 2012

    Great piece bro, you know I love it.

    • added on 22 Nov, 2012

      John, always a pleasure seeing you on site! Do you agree with Afrofogey? Do you think what happened to them was worse than what happened to us?

  3. added on 23 Nov, 2012

    Finally a breath of fresh air of someone who knows what he’s talking about and what actually went down during that fateful time. After some of us stuff our face, on to the malls we shall go to make these companies rich but yet they won’t reinvest in our communites.

  4. Zahara
    added on 1 Dec, 2015

    Thanks for this I will share this and especially with my 5yr old daughter. Trying to teach her not to learn the ways of the heathen celebrating their pagan holidays.But it’s hard when it’s all around. Thanks again.

  5. Nahimana hehewuti
    added on 26 Nov, 2016

    They did not come here for religious freedom. That’s a lie taught bY the american un-educational system. Europe sent their unwanted criminals here. That’s all these people are. Criminals who need to go.

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