The 10 Greatest Conscious Rappers of All Time

We know that the current state of hip hop is dead.

We know that we need better options than trap music, hoe music, and club bangers that rot the brain with poisoned, ignorant lyrics.

We know that there is a psychological covert War on Hip Hop that keeps real conscious music off the airwaves.

Mainstream hip hop makes me dry heave.

The problem is that it can be hard to find conscious rappers that you want to support (you DEFINITELY wont find them on BET). A few of these rappers make mainstream (Jay Electronica, Common), but for the most part hip hop has become a sewer (admit it, you know I’m right!)


But the art and the artist are far from dead.

Here are the top 10 greatest black conscious hip hop artists of all time. I keep these MCs on heavy rotation as an alternative to the poor quality of mainstream music being forced down our throats.

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Tieji Williams

Thank you to the pioneers but we need more contemporary conscious rappers on this list. Mama Sol should be on this list. Royce the 5’9 should be on this list. Narubi Selah should be on this list. There’s lots more; Rocky Riveria deserves to be on anybody’s list of conscious anything. She’s fire.

Asad Malik

Thank you for putting her on the radar. Im checking her out now ✊?