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Powernomics 2020 – 3 Ways We Can Put Black Group Economics Into Action

It is often said that Blacks must practice “group economics” if we are to win the economic war that we find ourselves in. The term was made famous by Dr. Claude Anderson in his must-read book Powernomics, and it is thrown around a lot in the conscious community.

However, the problem is that most of these people have no idea what group economics is, have never been involved in Black group economics (unless they are giving their money to another group), and are not moving towards strong, financially stable positions themselves.

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We all understand that Capitalism is no long-term solution for our people. However, by understanding how Capitalism works and how we can take advantage of it to increase our access to resources, we can develop survival programs that will help us sustain our communities Capitalist nations.

Specifically, there are three ways we can bring Black values to capitalist systems, and that is by forming Black investment groups, Black buyers clubs, and Black savings collectives called susus.


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