Hannibal Barca – How One Black Man Brought Rome To Its Knees

Hannibal Barca - How One Black Man Brought Rome To Its Knees

Hannibal of Carthage was one of the baddest Black men to come out of Africa. His military conquests are still the stuff of legend more than 2,000 years later. Most Black men and women have never heard of Hannibal, and those who have do not realize that he was as Black as the soil of the Nile.

While others mentally masturbate over movies like 300 and Troy, the story of one of the most epic military geniuses of all times goes untold. Until now.

The African Kingdom of Carthage

The city-state of Carthage was founded on the North African coast in 814 BC by a mixed population of the survivors of the Saharan ecological collapse and the Nubians (meaning the people of Carthage were Black). Anthropologists argue that the people of Carthage were actually Phonecians, but genetic evidence suggests otherwise. The Carthaginians were no more Phonecian than the Ancient Egyptians were Arab.

The Kingdom was a matriarchal one – meaning women held authority. The Carthaginian Republic grew to become the longest-lived and largest state in the ancient Mediterranean. By 600 B.C., Carthage had become self-governing, reached the height of its power, and was a Mediterranean powerhouse. The land was rich in gold, ivory, and salt, and the people of Carthage were skilled shipbuilders, tradesmen, and merchants who knew commerce.

Greece and Rome, greedy for control of Carthage’s resources and trade routes, constantly struggled with Carthage over territory. Although the Carthaginians refused to enter armed conflict and insisted on an agreement with the Greeks, the Greeks ignored the truce and invaded Carthage in a sneak attack around 310 B.C.

To regain their sovereignty, Carthage fought four brutal wars against Greece and Rome – driving out the Greeks in the first war in 306 B.C. The Romans stepped in to pick up where Greece left off in 264 B.C. – launching three “Punic Wars” against Carthage. Like most wars, White powers hungry for natural resources and riches unleashed atrocities against Black men that where unprecedented. The defeat of Carthage in the First Punic War gave Rome complete control of the Mediterranean sea.

Hannibal Barca - How One Black Man Brought Rome To Its Knees
Artist depiction of the Punic Wars

It was in response to this white aggression that one of the baddest Black men to ever live rose up to bring Rome to the brink of destruction. n an age where wars and conflicts lasted decades, Hannibal’s army had all but annihilated Rome in only 2 short years after beginning his campaign. His was one of the most epic military campaigns ever launched, and was so intelligently executed that tacticians still study his technical and tactical proficiency.

Hannibal’s father, Hamilcar Barca, was the leading Carthaginian commander and his brothers were all commanders during the during the First Punic War. Hannibal was determined to succeed where they had failed with a superior military strategy.

Hannibal’s Military Strategy

I swear so soon as age will permit…I will use fire and steel to arrest the destiny of Rome.” – Hannibal

While preparing for war, Hannibal developed a strategy based on the fact that Rome had complete control of the oceans. This meant instead of being able to take ships straight across the Mediterranean and attack Rome from the East, he would have to take his troops along the most difficult and unsuspected route; through France (Gaul) over the Alps and attack Rome from the North. Since the Romans believed the Alps were impossible to pass an army through, they would be taken completely by surprise.

Hannibal Barca - How One Black Man Brought Rome To Its Knees

The only animals capable of surviving the journey was the African elephant, and so with 40,000 foot soldiers, 5,000 war elephants,  and 12,000 horsemen Hannibal made the trek. To keep his army together through what was to be a miserable march into Rome, Hannibal ruthlessly exploited the strengths, weaknesses, and self interests of the men that he led; at times promising the riches of Italy to one group, and at other times promising death for failure to another group. His psychological strategy worked – a year after starting out, Hannibal had lost more than half his men during the march, but still managed to surprise and defeat a well fed, well organized Roman infantry at the Battle of Trebbia in Northern Rome.

Hannibal didn’t let time or his laziness get the best of him; he quickly moved to Cannae, where he surprised the Romans yet again, and turned the strength of the Roman battle formation into a weakness using an envelopment tactic. He encircled the square unit which eliminated the Roman numerical advantage by shrinking the surface area where combat could occur. In other words, the men inside the square could do nothing while the men on the outer sides had to fight off attacks.

Whenever the square formation would try to charge through one side of the circle, Hannibal’s troops would move, open up, and encircle them once again. As a result, even though Hannibal’s force was inferior to that of his foe, he won. Hannibal’s army managed to surround and kill or capture nearly 70,000 Romans.

In battle after battle, Hannibal defeated a much larger and more sophisticated military by understanding the strengths, weaknesses, and the environment of all the parties involved. He knew the minds and hearts of the people he fought for, with, and against.

Hannibal’s vision of military affairs, derived from experience gained alongside his father, stretched over most of the Greco-Roman world of his time. His vision gave rise to his grand strategy of conquering Rome by opening a northern front and subduing allied city-states on the peninsula rather than by attacking Rome directly – a kind of proxy war. The alpine invasion of Italy was a military operation that would shake the Mediterranean World of 218 BC with repercussions for more than two decades. It was a world war in the sense that it involved about three-quarters of the population of the entire Punic-Greco-Roman world and few people living in the Mediterranean were able to escape it. Virtually every family in Rome lost a member or members in the swath of destruction brought down on them by Hannibal and his Carthaginian armies.

Rome took a page from Hannibal’s playbook and invaded Carthage in 203 BC. The action placed Hannibal’s homeland in dire threat, and he was recalled from Rome to ward off the new threat. His arrival immediately restored the dominance of Carthage’s national guard, which placed him in command. The war was so savage and both sides so decimated that by 202 BC, both sides were suing for peace. Negotiations were shaky due to Roman allegations of “Punic Faith,” referring to the war-like nature of the North Africans. (Keep in mind, Greece and Rome attacked CARTHAGE first!!)

Rome and Carthage worked out a peace plan whereby Carthage could keep its African territory but would lose its overseas empire. Also, Carthage was to reduce its fleet and pay a war restitution to Rome. But when Carthage captured a stranded Roman fleet in the Gulf of Tunes and stripped it of supplies, negotiations fell apart. Rumors had it that the Romans actually set up the stranded fleet to provoke the Carthaginians. Fearing that war was about to pop off again, Hannibal returned to Rome with his army. The decisive battle at Zama soon followed, and Hannibal was finally defeated.

Hannibal is Defeated

Once Hannibal had been defeated, Rome totally invaded Carthage – Rome decided that a military victory wasn’t crushing enough. It pronounced a curse on the ancient city, and dispatched mercenaries to kill every man, woman, and child within the city walls. Priests sprinkled salt over the fertile Carthaginian soil so that no plant would grow, and no animal could drink the ground water. The Romans completely destroyed the culture, writings, and technology of Carthage, leaving behind nothing but ashes and sand. To this date, very few artifacts have survived, including the coins below.

Hannibal Barca - How One Black Man Brought Rome To Its Knees

According to scholar Cheik Anta Diop, the Romans gave themselves permission to commit atrocities with propaganda. The destroyed people deserved their fate because they where impious, sinister, lustful, and incapable of promoting progress. Romans were encouraged to forget Carthage, and later generations were taught that the Carthaginians – not the Romans – were the real savages. By twisting the story around, Rome could go on with a clear conscience

The brutal destruction of the entire ethnic group that was Carthage would be the first in a long line of white genocides unleashed on the Black world.

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Of course Hanibal was a black conquer, but the history is manipulate same this sculture from carthago that the chartagineses manipulatecomment image


white ppl are invading this thread this was linked in a white supremacist website came here to warn y’all

Tyrone Jamal

True I’ve seen a link of this site posted on 9gag by Neo Nazis making fun of it and black people. 9gag is a website notorius for stealing internet content as well as being misogynistic, racist an homophobic.


I agree with 99% of what you’ve written but I have to disagree on the Phoenicians. They were the same ancient Egyptians who were black Africans. When some of the ancient Egyptians travel they became and are labeled Phoenicians, when they settled in that area of North Africa they become Carthaginians. The Greek and Romans in Hannibal Barca’s time were not predominantly whites. Whites were not predominant in that area during the time period of circa 200 B.C. They were likely still living in or around the caucus mountains trust me. I believe the only way a white would find… Read more »


The greatest military leader is Hannibal Barca while the greatest sprinter is Usain Bolt. Barca means ‘lightening bolt’ and Bolt for Usain Bolt, well, that means “lightening bolt” too. That was all I needed to know to know that Hannibal Barca was a typical black African. My Barca-Bolt analogy works because: 1. Sports(Usain Bolt) is like war(Hannibal Barca), only difference is that people die in war. 2. Anything that would at first seem impossible, more likely than not, it is a black man that is proving that it is possible. The irony. No offense but Usain Bolt could never be… Read more »

Panther black

Although Hannibal was eventually defeated he did leave one lasting effects on the Italian people that you don’t hear about and that is the Italians were considered basically Europeans they had the fair hair light skin blue eyes and then when Hannibal annihilated their army killed all the men the carthaginians began to interbreed with the Italian women changing their genetic marker thus you see the Shane’s nowadays with the black hair and darker olive skin that’s why so many of the older generation Italians resent blacks so much today


That’s the dumbest thing I ever heard. Why is it that all the so called great black African civilizations were in the North? Where is the evidence of this greatness below the Sahara? I’ve only see a few tanned Sicilians but not any Italians; especially northern Italians. If Italian Americans resent black, or probably has to do with the way black Americans ruin commutes.


Stay mad whiteboi

jeremy johnson

Great article, apart from a couple glaring flaws. The Roman and Greek civilisations were in fact also Black civilisations, just like Carthage. Eurocentric history has kept these facts from us, rather successfully, just as they have tried with Carthage. Iberia and Gaul were also black until the Christian heathen white man Caesar did a holocaust. Know your history, kings!


Yeah, no. Hannibal was Maghrebi, not subsaharan.


The “Moors” is a common term for Muslim. The real motors used black African slaves in their armies. Sorry to burst your bubble.


Honestly one of the least accurate articles I’ve ever read. If you want to push a black agenda and celebrate black history that’s great. But the more you fictionalise history, invent facts and write this poorly, you drag down all learning and corrupt history. Please start using accurate sources and really read books and articles about this time period and this man. He is more interesting than simply a black (which he wasn’t, he was a member of the phonecian (Greek) aristocracy) propaganda piece. Please stop using colour as an excuse for bad history and politics – it shouldn’t be… Read more »

Kim Maynard-Dennis

wow….when are we going to stop

Kura White

Asad, why are you so keen on stealing another cultures history? Africans of many cultures and traditions have done some amazing things yet I never see communities like this one celebrating that. Instead, you would rather be known for lying and theft? Makes no sense to me.


You read 1 book and now you know it all. So, which is it? Are you guys Hebrews, Greeks, Romans, Moors, Egyptians? Why are you guys so worried about this ancient history and not working on The current state of your communities?

Kura White

I’m pretty sure you’ve deleted your comment because I can’t see it here now but I’m going to respond to it anyway. Whatever gave you the impression that I was white? And so what if Caucasians stole your culture? That’s terrible sure, but it’s not at all relevant to what we are talking about here in the present. You don’t see me walking around saying “It used to be okay to abuse women, why can’t I hit them now?”. That’s peak victim complex. The fact that all you can do is whine and attempt to play the race card once… Read more »

larry lawrence

History has been corrupted for centuries, especially when it comes to ancient africa,and copper coloured people domonating the globe.

Random Internet Guy

Good article personally I would have touched on the founding of Carthage.
Carthage was founded by immigrants from Phoenicia which was Lebanon and included northern Israel, and southern Syria. After the siege of Tyre in Lebanon is when most guess the immigration happened. As a prominent family would the Barca’s been from Phoenician heritage? (This is a question)


Wrong. Israel wasn’t established until 1948, thus negating your entire narrative. Your question of Barca’s heritage is legitimate, yet misguided.


The northern kingdom was called Israel and Judah was to the south. The northern kingdom bordered present day Lebanon.

Darnell Smith

Great article, apart from a couple glaring flaws. The Roman and Greek civilisations were in fact also Black civilisations, just like Carthage. Eurocentric history has kept these facts from us, rather successfully, just as they have tried with Carthage. Know your history, kings!

Kura White

Seems like you need to learn yours first.. The Roman’s and Greeks were absolutely not black. I’m astonished that with all the knowledge we have on these cultures someone could say something so ignorant.


Wrong. Greeks and Roman cultures were failed perversions of African and Kemetic belief and social systems, which Graeco-Roman had the utmost admiration for. Why were Alexander’s invasions of African libraries so significant? It was the raiding of the Knowledge banks that sustained Greek philosophy.

Anaxagoras exiled.
Socrates executed.
Plato enslaved.
Aristotle exiled;
Pythagoras expelled from Croton in Italy.

Why? Answer, for introducing “new” foreign philosophy into Greek culture.
(source: Stolen Legacy, James; History of Greece, J. Woodhouse; Mythology of Egypt, Mueller)

Kim Maynard-Dennis

are you trying to say there were no black in either culture…seems hard to believe

Kura White

Of course not. As a whole, these were not African nations but certainly may have had fluctuating populations of people with this descent. You only need to look at images and statues of how they portrayed themselves to see this. Egyptian tombs during the Ptolemaic period showcase a large Greek population and they are all pictured as you would expect – with a Mediterranean appearance. Multiple DNA studies have been conducted (the most recent in 2017) which show that there is a genetic continuity between modern Greeks and the Minoans and Mycenaeans (Bronze Age Greeks) Lazaridis (2017) “Genetic origins of… Read more »


But even to this day Greece, Italy are civilized, modern countries. What about sub-Sahara?


And, when did you become an expert on Africa??

Your suggestion of Italy and Greece as a model for “modern…civilization” is nonsensical, and pivots from the OP topic.

Brits were civilized by Greeks.
Greeks Civilized by Romans.
Romans Civilized by Africans.

Unless, of course, you hold the sanitized and white washed version of history which misleads the inexperienced reader to believe, [history] started 2000 years ago in in Rome. Of course, that reflects your treachery, so it would not be a surprise.


And when did you become an expert on anything European? The Brit’s were civilized by Greeks? Never heard that before. The Romans “ civilized” the Anglo-Saxons and the Romans stole most of their civilization from the Greeks. History my friend, started waaaay before the Romans.


Also, what country in Africa do you consider to be the 1st world?


Read: I am not covering 15th Century Medieval Europe, Concentrated World History, and Pre-Colonial African Kingdoms in a comment section.

I know your recent ancestors refused to lift a finger, but I cannot do the work for you.

If you are seeking right knowledge, then YOU have to do the exhausting work of undoing your long illustrious history of brainwashing yourself, ask the guided questions, and correct the white guilt you are evidently experiencing which brought you here . This is easily accomplished. Stop being fragile and learn something.


Yea, your answers avoid the questions. The truth doesn’t care about your feelings. The Greeks and Romans have nothing to do with the 15th century. You are waaaay off. During the 15th century, slavery taking place in the Caribbean and South America. Also, My recent ancestors refuse to lift a finger? Your speak and are writing a language of Europe. I’ve read and studied history from black writers ( Yosef Ben Jochannan, Franz Fannon etc). I’m just curious why recently people such as yourself are attempting to claim everything except anything below the Sahara? And white guilt are you talking… Read more »


Ome’nani, I can communicate in 5 languages, and English is the only European one. No one in Africa refers to it as [sub-Saharan], that is a Euro-invented term intended to divide the contributions of the Continent and label them [separate]. Afterall, there is an loooooooong established pattern of European interference of sovereign lands, right? Again, your reference frame is Medieval European as if nothing existed prior to 20,000 years ago, so I expect this information to be new. That shock you feel? That’s white WOKE I suppose. If only your intellectual curiosity was as strong as your imagined and over-exaggerated… Read more »


I’m sorry to inform you, (maybe this is a black WOKE I suppose), but you Sir is clearly a racist.