How Do I Practice African Spirituality

Practice Fasting For African Spirituality

So much of your body’s focus is placed on digestion that it can deprive you of the energy that you need to explore the infinite within.

That is why many spiritual traditions embrace fasting as a means of cultivating spiritual power.

Fasting provides you with an opportunity to reflect, recharge, and renew. It is a time of self care that will give your body the chance to heal and perform even better than it did before.

Each month, we observe a period of fasting as a Community and invite you to attend. If you want to learn more,  Here Is Your Full 2020 Fasting Plan For Developing African Spirituality.

Communicate With The Divine

It is possible to communicate with your Ancestors and with God without the need of third party. African Spirituality teaches that direct communion is not only possible, it is as natural as communicating with the living. When you call out in your heart to your Ancestors, you need only listen to the voices that call back to you to know the truth for yourself.

And when you know the truth from within, you cannot be deceived from without.


Meditation is one of the most important and easily accessible ways to practice African Spirituality. Meditation rewards practitioners with a sense of spiritual distance from illusions of the mind, emotional trauma, and even physical pain. While volumes could be written on the benefits of meditation, we have written a short article that explores the topic more thoroughly titled 5 Forms Of Meditation For African Spirituality And How To Do Them.

Learn The Spiritual Practices Of Your Ancestors

If you truly intend to practice African Spirituality, we encourage you to learn what your Ancestors practiced on both sides. Why? Because Kemetic Science teaches us that there are 8 extensions of the human soul that connect our existence with the infinite, and your body is one of those extensions.

And while the new field of epigenetics has revealed just how much of an impact your Ancestors have on your present behavior, African Spirituality has known for thousands of years that aspects of one’s spirit is passed down from generation to generation.

Above all else, continue to learn and surround yourself with others on the same spiritual path as you.

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