What is the difference between racism and white supremacy?

Dr Neely Fuller Jr once said to people of African Descent that “if you dont understand white supremacy then everything else will confuse you.” Here is what he meant:

There is a difference between racism and white supremacy. Racism is a set of beliefs about the superiority of one racial group over another. These beliefs are rooted in an individuals experiences, background, and culture. And since these beliefs are so deeply rooted, individuals may not recognize them, are slow to alter those beliefs, or dont know how to rid themselves of racism.

Because these beliefs are so old and deeply embedded in a persons psychological profile, as activists we avoid trying to change those beliefs.

White supremacy is different.

White supremacy describes systems of oppression built for the competitive advantage of whites. These systems typically deploy 9 weapons to achieve this:

1. Miseducation
2. Miscegenation
3. Murder
4. Infection
5. Intoxication
6. Integration and Assimilation
7. Prosecution
8. Eugenics
9. and Fraud

Read our teachings on the weapons of white supremacy here https://www.panafricanalliance.com/white-supremacy/

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