Why do we continue to describe people of African descent as Black?

We identify Africans as Black for two reasons:
1. Black describes the combination of our race and Ethnicity. Race is a collection of genotypical and phenotypical traits that define a person’s features, while ethnicity describes the culture from which a person comes.
2. By describing the Pan-African Diaspora as Black, we seek to unify the identity of a people that has been destroyed by white supremacy. When whites and other groups invaded Africa, those groups replaced indigenous cultures with their white, Arab, and Asian cultures. This destroyed the ethnic identity of the groups that lived there. And our Ancestors who left or were removed from the Continent found themselves behind foreign borders. Their nationalities had been changed to French, American, and other alien political identities.

Because of what alien groups have done to African race, ethnicities, and nationalities, there has been confusion over what to call ourselves. Collectively, we proudly call ourselves Black to reclaim what was lost and repair what was broken.

Why would we NOT describe ourselves Black? It depends on the context of the conversation. For instance, using legal terms to describe someone as Black removes personhood and is considered inappropriate. However, this instance is not to be confused with social or colloquial circumstances where the term is both widely and proudly accepted.

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