Why Have Africans Embraced Foreign Religions?

The destruction of African Spirituality took more than 400 years to accomplish. The first foreign religion to displace traditional African beliefs was Islam. In 632 AD Arabs swept out of the Middle East and into the North African region called the Maghreb. These conquerors swept across Kemet (Ancient Egypt), into Libya, and supported the indigenous Moors of the region in their conquest of Portugal and Spain. However, in exchange for their support the indigenous Moors were required to convert to Islam.

Fast forward to August 21, 1415 and Europeans enter the picture with the conquest of the Port of Ceuta. This would mark the first event in a series of conflicts fueled by resources that we call the Maafa. In order to bring Africans under European control, the Catholic church dispatched white Missionaries to convert our Ancestors to their alien religion.

Initially our Ancestors embraced foreign religions out of convenience. For example in the Maghreb, non-Muslims were forced to pay heavy fines and faced systemic discrimination. And in European controlled regions, students were taught Christian dogma as part of their curriculum.

As conflict between the white and Arab world came to a head during the Crusades, conversion out of convenience became compulsion. Arab Muslims and Christians began to demand that Africans convert to their side as a firewall to prevent the other side from gaining increased access to Africa’s resources.

For those Africans enslaved and taken to foreign lands, the religion of their enslavers were forced on the Black masses. And out of fear for the lives of their children, those enslaved Black parents taught their children to practice the alien religion of their enslaver as a matter of survival. Whether it was out of convenience or out of compulsion, the result was the same – the destruction of African Spirituality.

Africans today willingly participate in the destruction of their indigenous systems because both Islam and Christianity demand that so-called Believers take action against the so-called Heathen. This forces the African to choose sides or face violence from the opposing group. And since there are so few options (given 400 years of erosion), those who seek relief from spiritual pain or answers to our deepest questions are forced to turn to a foreign religion.

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