Learn to build from those who have done it.

Learn to build from those who have done it.

So many talk about the need to build Black wealth, but so few are talking about how to do that. And for the few who are talking about Black wealth, few of them actually have it or know how its built.

The secret to wealth is to transform yourself from a spender, employee and consumer into an investor, employer, and producer. 

Let us show you how.

Escape Poverty and Create Generational Wealth

Fraud – one of the weapons of white supremacy – has destroyed Black wealth. Nations like Haiti and the Democratic Republic of Congo have the richest natural resource capacity in the world, yet the people are among the poorest on the planet. Why? 

In addition to defending ourselves against white supremacy, we have fallen short because we don’t know the difference between money and fiat currency, we don’t know how to create wealth  (or where real wealth comes from), and while we are excellent consumers we are terrible at passing our money on to the next generation.

Use the resources below to change that.

Listen. Learn. Earn.

Listen to Black Entrepreneurs who have built vast financial empires while staying true to their community. They tell you exactly how to follow their blueprints for Black wealth in the episodes below. 

Jay Morrison Academy Founder

Jay Morrison

Jay “Mr Real Estate” Morrison used real estate to amass a $10 Million dollar net worth and made history by creating the first Black Owned Real Estate Crowdfund.

Introduction to Group Economics

Danielle Pierce

Known as ‘the Wealth Strategist’ Danielle Pierce is the founder of the Real Estate Profit Lab and a specialist in tax lien investing and bank owned properties.

Introduction to Group Economics

Paul C. Brunson

Paul C. Brunson has worked with legends like Oprah Winfrey and Billionaire Enver Yücel. Listen and learn as he shares his billion dollar wisdom with you.

Take The Replace and Rebuild Challenge

The Black community already makes and buys products and services – just not from other Black businesses. This has destroyed wealth by removing our dollars from our community.

So each month we are asking you to support a Black owned business by replacing just one item that you use regularly with a Black made product. 

Then repeat this process until all of your household consumables come from Black businesses.

Curated Book Selections

Read These Books By Black Authors When You Are Ready To Level Up.

Get Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to arrive at the right answers is by asking the right questions. Below you will find the top 10 most frequently asked questions about Black Wealth we receive.

  • What is the greatest paradox of becoming wealthy?

    Wealthy people do not work for money. Instead, they use money as a scoreboard or a feedback mechanism. Most wealthy individuals who built their fortunes (as opposed to inheriting them) did so because they had the right skill, worked in the right field, and were positioned at the right time in areas where governments and economies support the accumulation of wealth. But even those factors are not enough for real wealth creation.    The wealthy understand that money is a byproduct of all the factors mentioned above combined with passion, purpose, and consistent effort over long periods (10+ years) of time.

  • What are the greatest secrets of growing wealth on an average income?

    Convert the currency that you earn on your job into assets that make money for you. Think of each dollar that you earn at your day job as a new baby. Your role as parent is to protect your baby until it is old enough to go to work. You then send your money out into different parts of the world to make more of itself. When your baby comes back home, you regain the dollar that you deployed along with the hundreds of other dollars that it made for you.    The secret here is to find assets that multiply your money. Once you find those assets, stop spending money on any unnecessary products or services and instead deploy those dollars to make more money for you.

  • How else is wealth created besides labor?

    You can use labor to generate currency that is then invested so that it multiplies itself, but that is not enough to create wealth. Your currency must be changed into something tangible. To create real wealth, you must acquire assets. Assets include properties, mineral rights, land rights, businesses, equipment, farm land, and other tangible items.    This is why the wealthy get richer without doing any work - they used their early labor to generate currency that they invested in things that increase in or produce value.

  • How is wealth created?

    Wealth is created by producing or acquiring something of value (which can include a skill) and using a portion of that item to produce more wealth.

  • Which are the richest countries in Africa?

    The top 10 African nations in order of fertile land and mineral resources are as follows:   Nigeria – the Richest Country in Africa (Gdp: $446.543 Billion) South Africa (Gdp: $358.839 Billion) Egypt (Gdp: $302.256 Billion) Algeria (Gdp: $172.781 Billion) Morocco (Gdp: $119,04 Billion) Kenya (Gdp: $99,246 Billion) Angola (Gdp: $91,527 Billion) Ethiopia (Gdp: $91,166 Billion) Ghana (Gdp: $67,077 Billion) Tanzania (Gdp: $62,224 Billion)

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