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Become A Supporter

Gain Knowledge of Self. Build Generational Wealth.
And Discover Your Ancestral Calling.

Since 2014, thousands of Black men, women, and children from across the African Diaspora have joined the ranks of the Pan-African Alliance with one mission: to spread Black Consciousness, fight white supremacy and neocolonialism, and to work towards a unified Pan-African State.

We work side by side with the understanding that we don’t need to be uniformed in our backgrounds or opinions to be unified in our intention. No matter your religion, political philosophy, level of education, or net worth, you will find a home among other Pan-African freedom fighters. 

Now its your turn!

Become A Supporter

Should You Become A Supporter?

Become A Supporter

This Organization Is Meant For You If...

✓    You want to gain knowledge of self and learn the truth about who you are

✓    You want to create generational wealth and escape your plantation job

✓    You want to reach more people in your community and become a better leader for your family and yourself

✓    You want to repair and rebuild your community by building and leading your own chapter

✓    You want to explore African Spirituality and discover your spiritual path

Here Is What You Get As A Supporter

More Than $975 Of Black Consciousness Courses

Get immediate access to our courses once you become a Supporter! Our courses are taught by experienced Instructors and cover everything from Black history to African Spirituality.

Supporter Only Podcasts and Live Streams

As a Supporter, you get full length podcast episodes that we dont release to the public. We also hold live streams for our members every week.

Business Building Tools

With more than 9,000 assets available, we give you everything you need to build, market, and manage your online business. Scroll down to see our Supporter only tools!

Join Today And Get These Free Bonuses!

BONUS #1 -


Sign up and you are immediately eligible to receive a free solid metal lapel pin. A $13.00 value that you get as a Suten level Supporter or higher.

BONUS #2 -

Pan African Alliance Supporter

Represent RBG All Day! Become a Neter Level Supporter and get a free large RBG flag and lapel pin. A $32.00 value that you get FREE.

BONUS #3 -


The Per-Medjat is our library of high quality pdfs and curated eBooks. Save thousands of dollars in book purchases for free as a Neter level Supporter.

Frequently Asked Questions

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards and Paypal. We are unable to accept checks or cash payments at this time.

Can I join if I am not in the United States or Canada?

Absolutely! As long as you have a mailing address and an internet connection you can join.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes. Use the contact form below and we will refund you for your subscription as long as you cancel within 30 days.

How soon after I sign up will I get access to my benefits?

Immediately. And if you have any issues accessing anything, I will give you my contact information so we can work through any issues together.

Where do I go to access my courses and benefits? – Make sure you log in to get access to your benefits.

Are you available for any support issues I have?

Yes. You will get my contact information once you sign up. I will also invite you to our community communications space where you can get in touch with me and all the other Supporters in real time. And if you have any questions, just use the contact form below and I will respond within 24 hours.

How do I cancel my Support?

Go to and you can cancel at any time.

How do I upgrade my Supporter Level?

Go to and you can upgrade your support at any time.

How do I start my own Chapter of the Pan-African Alliance?

Start by becoming a Neter Level Supporter. Once you have completed 8 weeks of basic training, you and the Executive Council will work together to launch your chapter in your city. We will mail everything you need to get started – including certificates, lapel pins, and marketing material.

I have a different question...

Use the contact form below. We always reply!

Choose Your Supporter Level

Neter Level Supporter


☑︎ Free Large RBG Flag
☑︎ Free Pan African Alliance Lapel Pin
☑︎ Free RBG Flag Lapel Pin
☑︎ Access to all courses
☑︎ Access to all MasterClasses
☑︎ Access to private live streams
☑︎ Access to all workshops
☑︎ Business Builder Tools
☑︎ Premium Podcasts
☑︎ Huge PDF Library

Basic Level Supporter


☑︎ Get All Premium Podcasts and Live Streams

Suten Level Supporter


☑︎ Free Pan African Alliance Lapel Pin
☑︎ Access to regular courses
☑︎ Access to private live streams
☑︎ Access to all workshops
☑︎ Business Builder Tools
☑︎ Premium Podcasts
☑︎ Huge PDF Library

Become A Supporter

If you are not happy with your subscription, we will refund you within 30 days of your purchase. No questions asked.