4 Lesson We Can Learn From The Everlasting Life of Julius Nyerere


For, the community as for the individual, self-determination is both a moral and a spiritual necessity in order to be, we have to be responsible, even, and perhaps especially, for our mistakes.

Julius Nyerere Quotes

Since the earliest days of Pan-Africanism, our leaders emphasized the importance of ‘do for self’. They were aware that if Africans were to be saved, liberated, and prosperous, Africans themselves would need to be responsible for bringing it about.

Nyerere, like his predecessors, understood the dangers of depending on other nations who did not have the best interests of Africans at heart. Thus, he emphasized cooperation between African nations, and encouraged the people of the nation to be self-reliant.

Kujitegemea, according to the Julius Nyerere philosophy, was one of the best defenses against the threat of neocolonialism.

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Eng. JR G Asiimwe
Eng. JR G Asiimwe

Part of Mwalimu Nyerere’s moving speech delivered on 25th May 1963 in Addis, Ethiopia “We did not come here to discover whether we all want a free Africa. Event the greatest enemies of African unity know that the one thing on which there can be no doubt that the whole of Africa speaks with one sincere voice, it is our desire to see an Africa completely freed from foreign domination and racialism. We came here to find out what we should all do now in order to bring about the final liberation of Africa. We did not come here to… Read more »