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Kamali Academy Black Homeschooling Group

In this re-mastered episode of United Black America Radio, we roll out the red, black, and green carpet for the founder of the Kamali Academy Samori Kamara.

Samori Camara is an Afrikan warrior scholar, educator, author, historian, educational consultant, and professional speaker who inspires his students and audiences with his focus on Education for Liberation.

Camara founded the Kamali Academy, an African-centered school, in 2009 and finished his Ph.D. in American History at the University of Texas at Austin in 2011.

Show Quote

You have got to be crazy as a Black person to think that anything in this system is set up for your benefit. The education system makes you dumber, the healthcare system makes you sicker. So the first step is to just decide that you will get your children out of the public fool system. After that, you will find a way! – Dr. Samori Camara of Kamali Academy

I would rather my child be civilized than socialized. – Dr. Samori Camara of Kamali Academy

Here Is What You Will Learn

✓ How the weapons of white supremacy known as fraud and prosecution worked in real time during the Ferguson Uprisings.

✓ How Black neighborhoods are treated like colonies by local, state, and federal governments

✓ How you can build a homeschooling collective in your neighborhood to get the students out of the public fool system

Resources Mentioned In This Episode

Black Westchester Online Magazine

The Kamali Academy Curriculum

Everything We Know About Facebook’s Secret Mood Manipulation Experiment

The Kamali Academy

Education for Liberation: The Top 20 Questions and Answers for Black Homeschoolers  by Dr. Samori Camara

50 Afrikans You Must Know: Kamali Academy Reading Comprehension  by Dr. Samori Camara


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Just ordered their full Curriculum ????? this episode is a Very Important Key to our Salvation of suffering #FACTS #The2ndExodus