The Crook And The Flail: 5 Lessons From Ancient Kemet That Will Make You A More Powerful Black Leader

1. Black Leaders Surround Themselves With People of Great Stature

Ausar Aset And Heru

Truly great is a great person where their men and women of stature are great. Strong is the Suten who has Councillors and wealthy is the one who is rich in persons of stature. – The Book of Kheti

Have you ever said “If I knew then what I know now I would have done things differently?” Of course. we all have.

This is where Councillors come in. By surrounding yourself with wise Councillors, you become both stronger and richer. That is because the right Council has the knowledge to advise you and the experience to warn you before you make critical mistakes.

More importantly, if there is one thing the writings of Djehuty teach is it is this: there is no such thing as neutrality.

Whether you know it or not, you are deeply influenced by the people you surround yourself with. If you wish to become a more powerful leader, seek out and surround yourself with more powerful people.

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