The Crook And The Flail: 5 Lessons From Ancient Kemet That Will Make You A More Powerful Black Leader

3. Black Leaders Build For Legacy

If you are a leader, see that the plans you make are carried out. Do great things which will be remembered long after you. Where there is praise, detraction cannot survive. But where those of ill-will enter, like crocodiles, strife also comes. – The Husia

The passage above gives us two important leadership lessons.

Lesson 1: Finish what you start.

Starting new projects without finishing old ones is why so many people are busy without being productive.

Husia advises Black leaders to ‘see that the plans you make are carried out’. To that end, decide which area you will be great in – economics, entertainment, politics, religion – and be singular in your focus.

Lesson 2: Build in such a way that those who live on after you are gone are happy to continue your legacy.

In Kemet, the people who live on after you are gone had the power to make sure your death was permanent. Any leader that was cruel, unpopular, or unwise could find their names, faces, and accomplishments erased for all time. Not only did this ensure that no one would remember the fallen leader, it also meant that person could not travel to the afterlife. Having one’s name erased meant a second – and permanent – death.

The leadership lesson here is clear: the only way for your plans to be carried out long after you are gone – and for you to live on in the Duat – is by working for the good of those who will live on after you.

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Written by Asad Malik

Asad is the Executive Officer of The Pan-African Alliance, and the Founder of United Black America.

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