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Today Is The Birthday of Khalid Abdul Muhammad. Here Is Why We Celebrate Him

Khalid Abdul Muhammad was born today on January 12, 1948 in Houston Texas. Since his transition on February 17, 2001, no other member of the Black Conscious Community has come close to his passion, intelligence, and dedication to the liberation and salvation of the Black nation. The world would have us believe he was a bigot, filled with hate. But we know the truth about our proud Black warrior-scholar.

Here is why El-Hajj Khalid Abdul Muhammad is honored as a hero of Pan-Africanism.

Khalid Abdul Muhammad Was A Servant Leader

Black Consciousness today has become a circus of personalities that do more entertaining than educating. Anyone with a Youtube channel can call themselves a leader, but true servant leaders dedicate their lives to serving those under their charge.

Behind the scenes, Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad spent hours mentoring and ministering to individuals in need of his help – even at the expense of spending time with his 5 children and wife. His charity work both in the Nation of Islam and as the Chairman of the New Black Panther Party fed and clothed thousands of Black men, women, and children. Rather than using his stage to enrich himself and his family, he used his publicity to gain support for community initiatives.

He was an unselfish servant of his people. And his example is one that we should demand from the Youtube clowns of our generation.

Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad Showed Us The Power of True Education

As a child, Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad was remembered by his teachers as an exceptional student. He attended the all-Black Phyllis Wheatley High School where his debate skills were perfected as a member of his schools debate team. He would graduate and win a scholarship to Dillard University to study Theology, and would complete his studies with a Bachelors Degree from Pepperdine University in California. His genius earned his an academic fellowship to Harvard, Yale, and Columbia Universities which he turned down in order to serve under The Hon. Elijah Muhammad (PBUH).

Instead of using his education to beg for a job in white America, he used his education to re-train the ignorance of our community.

Dr. Khalid showed us what true education looks like – not matriculating through white institutions to work for white companies, but to learn and do the knowledge in the service of ones people.

Minister Muhammad Was Fearless in the Face of Opposition

Today, weakness is prevalent in the Conscious community – particularly among the leadership. When faced with the slightest opposition, many retreat back into unconsciousness. But Dr. Khalid lived up to his name as a warrior scholar. He was the first person to be censured by both Houses of the United States Congress. But that obstacle emboldened him to speak more passionately.

He survived several assassination attempts, including one from James Bess, a former NOI member on May 29, 1994. But rather than letting the attempts on his life stop him, he recovered and quickly resumed his duties within the community.

We celebrate Khalid Abdul Muhammad’s courage as a reminder that instead of dragging our young warriors off the battlefield, we should be building them into warriors capable of fighting and winning in the face of opposition.

Minister Muhammad Was Loyal to His Mentors and His Community

Unlike some so-called leaders today, Khalid Abdul Muhammad was loyal to both his mentors and his cause until the end of his life. After his famous 1993 speech at Kean College, Khalid Muhammad was removed from his position as National Spokesman in the Nation of Islam by Louis Farrakhan. You can watch the full video below.


What made his removal so shocking was the fact that Louis Farrakhan had given Harold Moore his righteous name of Khalid Abdul Muhammad (a name inspired by the Islamic Warrior Scholar Khalid ibn al-Walid). Farrakhan had personally selected Khalid as his national spokesman and national advisor. Khalid had even named his son, Farrah Gray after his mentor.

But when Khalid was stripped of his title by the man that meant so much to him, he did not become vengeful or bitter. He would salute his mentor until the day he died.

And rather than leaving the community altogether, Khalid Abdul Muhammad continued to serve his people as the Chairman of the New Black Panther Party from 1997 until his death in 2001.

It is because of his loyalty, courage, dedication to his community, and his servant leadership that we honor El-Hajj Chairman Khalid Abdul Muhammad on this day and every day of the Pan-African calendar.

Photo ofDr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad
Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad
(Khalid Muhammad)
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New Black Panther Party

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    Great article. these are the narratives we need for our own people!

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