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Why Blacks Will Continue to be Killed, And What We Can Do About It

Why Blacks Will Continue to be Killed, And What We Can Do About It

This year we have seen uprisings in Dallas, North Carolina (following the death of Keith Scott), and in Oklahoma after the murder of Terence Crutcher.

  • In 2015 we had the Charleston, South Carolina Uprisings following a shooting at a Black Church, and the Baltimore Uprising following the death of Freddie Gray
  • In 2014 we responded to the lynchings of Eric Garner, Tanisha Anderson, 12 year old Tamir Rice, and Mike Brown with uprisings in Cleveland, New York, Ferguson.
  • In 2013 we had uprisings following the death of Miriam Carey
  • In 2012, 17 year old Darnisha Harris was killed by a police officer that responded to her involvement in a traffic incident. Her death, along with the death of Trayvon Martin, sparked national uprisings.
  • In 2011 we had the Occupy Uprisings
  • In 2009 we had nationwide uprisings following the death of Oscar Grant

And for every year before 2009 we have seen our boys, girls, men, and women crushed, marginalized, and murdered by this system of white supremacy. Every year we are lynched and every year our response is the same.

If we are serious about our need to bring an end to the atrocities that white supremacy has subjected us to, we must examine new solutions. But before we can examine the fruit of our condition, we must return to the root.

From the Civil War to Civil Rights

To escape the brutality of white supremacy after the Civil War, our ancestors segregated themselves into self sustaining communities. Cities like “Black Wall Street” in Tulsa and Freedman’s Village gave them the promise of prosperity to freed slaves. But without standing militias to protect themselves, these settlements were shut down or destroyed by whites.

Between the Civil War and the Civil Rights Movement, whites used lynching, prosecution, and miseducation to turn Blacks into third class citizens. Anyone who dared speak our against this treatment was made an example of, and any attempts at self-assertion were crushed.

Most Blacks of the time were content with their third-class status, or didn’t have the courage to fight back. Until one boy’s face woke up the sleeping masses.


Thousands took to the streets demanding their freedom. But freedom from what? And how should that freedom be obtained? Through violence or through integration? It was this question that gave rise to two competing ideologies – that of nonviolence in the face of violence, and that of armed resistance.

The Destruction of Black Power

As the ideology of militant Black Power began to take root, whites moved quickly to silence our Hueys, Assata , and Malcolms. Integration was – to them – preferable to our armed resistance.

So bills were passed, and sympathetic white politicians gave lip service to equality for the Negroes. But integration did nothing for the imbalance of power and resources between whites and Blacks. In fact, white supremacy was perfected when Blacks began to integrate instead of fight back.

White supremacy was perfected when Blacks began to integrate instead of fight back.

Now, Black men and women devoted their energy to doing well in school to advance to the corporate world in pursuit of the American Dream.

But Black students found themselves worse off than before segregation. The beneficiaries of affirmative action found themselves limited by glass ceilings. Police patrolled through Black neighborhoods like the Klansmen of old – terrorizing residents. The highest levels of government pumped narcotics into Black communities, then launched a war on the very victims of their plot.

The masses – distracted by the pursuit of something they could never have – were once again brought to life by an incident so violent that it demanded an answer.

Repeating tactics and strategies from the Civil Rights Era, we marched and looted….and fell back to sleep. And since the 60’s our response has been the same: We march. We riot. We fall back to sleep. And our babies continue to die in the streets.

Wars of Liberation

Contrast our impotent approach in the United States to the one taken by Africans to bring an end to colonialism: In his book The Wretched of the Earth, Frantz Fanon describes the nature of wars of liberation:

The very same people who had it constantly drummed into them that the only language they understood was that of force, now decide to express themselves with force.

In fact, the colonist has always shown them the path they should follow to liberation…The colonial regime owes its legitimacy to force, and at no time does it ever endeavor to cover up this nature of things.

and he goes on to write:

Violence among the colonized will spread in proportion to the violence exerted by the colonial regime.

When Fanon spoke of violence, he did not mean violence for the sake of destruction – but for the sake of creation. Fanon most likely would not have advocated the actions of the Dallas shooter, but he certainly would have sympathized.

But Fanon understood two fundamental truths: that Blacks must be independent, and that independence will require violence.Β  It was these truths that set Namibia, Zimbabwe, Angola, Algeria, the Sahara, Kenya, Cameroon, Haiti, Madagascar, and the Congo free from colonization. It is these truths that will set us free!

Angolan Freedom Fighter

Violence and independence are not popular approaches among Blacks who believe they have a stake in America. But whether we have chosen the path of violence or not, it has been thrust upon us. Political pundits shout “protest peacefully!” even as police train their guns on our children. Whether we have chosen to separate or not, white supremacy has kept us separated from our fullest potential:

  • The wage gap between Blacks and whites has never been equal. Today, that gap is the widest its been in 40 years.
  • The rate at which police murder Blacks is higher than the rate at which Klansmen lynched Antebellum Blacks.
  • There are now more Black men and women in prison than at any other time in the history of the United States. As a result, there are fewer Black two-parent households than at any other time in the history of the United States.
  • The gap between Black wealth and white wealth has increased – not decreased – since the end of the Civil Rights era.

These circumstances continue to force Black men and women into anΒ  underclass that is used and abused by white supremacy.

Today we see protests and riots and signs demanding “freedom”. But the freedom we seek is not freedom from violence – that freedom is a human right. The freedom that we demand now must be a freedom to build a world for us, by us, that protects and provides for us.

Until we not only separate from the system of white supremacy but declare and defend our sovereignty, we will never be free.

Some Toughts (20)

  1. Tobore
    added on 23 Sep, 2016

    So real ????????

    • added on 23 Sep, 2016

      I love you, Queen! Thank you for the comment!

      • Jason English
        added on 23 Sep, 2016

        That was the truth and the truth will set us free. have to love yourself more than than being accepted by those who could care less. By saying yourself meaning ourselves as a whole. Once we reach that point there is no stopping us.

      • Clint Flournoy
        added on 4 Oct, 2016

        Imho, very few blacks really know what’s going on and don’t realize this is all part of a bigger plan. Organizations like the bilderburg group are working behind the scenes at what they wish to bring about as the “north American union” and it’s objective is to make Canada, America and Mexico ONE country but, blacks will give the most opposition to that and make it difficult to bring that about.

        they know they’ll never enslave us as they once did so, the objective is to murder as many of us as possible by attrition and normalize it to the point where nobody pays any attention, to desensitize this society to our plight. When and if that happens, you’ll see much larger numbers of us vanish and if you think they won’t revert to this, we have plenty of history to prove they will!

        You’ll notice, the majority of blacks killed are younger people and why, they’re the most difficult to control and the older ones can be frightened into complying with the plan, this is what so called “insiders” aren’t telling blacks and it raises my suspensions they’re all in on it!

        Demonstrating in the streets, rioting and destroying and trying to get broom hilda elected, is a waste of time and energy and makes blacks EASY targets, imho, we should retreat from that nonsense, practicing sustainable living, forming greater alliances with each other, teaching our young people to use what’s around them to protect themselves with, guns aren’t the only things that can back people up, storing water, food and other things and more than anything else, keeping as much of our money and wealth away from them as possible, just my thoughts asad…..

        • added on 4 Oct, 2016

          Thank you for taking the time to leave your thoughts in such a detailed way! I am not sure about the Bilderburg group or any other group out there. I cant control what they do. But we can control what we do! I agree with your suggestions in the last paragraph and we DEFINITELY know there is no limit to the savagery of white supremacy. It then becomes our duty to do what we must do to protect ourselves!

    • major1963
      added on 23 Sep, 2016

      To thine owns elf be true! I will either die for it all or stand for nothing

    • Nakia Pacley
      added on 1 Oct, 2016

      Peace family..I concur with your article. The Saud can be accomplished by and with our current factions of Black organizations(Noi, bpp) and so on.as well as with even new formed groups. However it can be done it must be done saw.

      • added on 4 Oct, 2016

        What did you mean by the Saud, or is that a typo?

  2. Reginald Shaw
    added on 23 Sep, 2016

    Wonderful article!

  3. Alexus
    added on 23 Sep, 2016

    Just what i needed to read in the midst of everything going on ..:

  4. John Eagan
    added on 23 Sep, 2016

    Good read. I totally agree. Independence, land, and Ujamaa is key to our own liberation. I suggest looking up analysis from the new afrikan independence movement. They laid a good foundation for us

  5. added on 23 Sep, 2016

    Clearly as Afrikan people of this ‘imposed’ diaspora we are not in actuality Citizens of White Amerikkka and never will be !!!! we simply lust for white acceptance and we do not desire to please the true and Living God our one and only savior whether we believe this great truth or not because we as a people have yet to experience the future hell that is set for Amerikkka and its minions !!!!!!!

    added on 23 Sep, 2016

    You’re absolutely right. I’ve recently come into consciousness and I’m now searching for ways to heal myself and my people. We need more people like you, Asad, and your podcast to knowledgeably dissect our perils and explain what seems to be a simple solution that somehow eludes us. Thank you for being a voice that educates, CORRECTs and empowers.

  7. added on 24 Sep, 2016

    it saddens my heart, that we as black people in america don’t understand that freedom only comes when you know you are a slave,can’t save a person without help from that person.But i Love your work, each one teach one……go forth.

  8. Kenneth McIntosh
    added on 24 Sep, 2016

    This is happening to us globally. When we learn to put aside our differences and unite globally through economic cooperation and investments it will be a start to power and prosperity.
    Power to the people!!

  9. LaMinta c.
    added on 24 Sep, 2016

    Well written truth!! Thankh you


  10. Dennis Taylor
    added on 26 Sep, 2016

    yes, I agree with your article. today, black people are so in love with their oppressors. We haven’t learnt anything after 400 years and longer. The oppressors destroyed strong, black organizations, or the black people usually sell out. I am a proud black man. Things are getting worse to me. when are we going to wake up?

  11. olatunji
    added on 1 Oct, 2016

    it is known for a man to be strong you most take the bold steps,it’s time we blacks take those steps by putting an end to all the INCESSANT killing from the west,and stay firm with ourselves.

  12. Kwame LazaRus
    added on 4 Oct, 2016

    hats off to you for such an honest, scathing and precise article on where we’ve come from, when we were misled and how to get back on the right track.

    • added on 4 Oct, 2016

      Kwame, thank you for taking the time to read it! I am sure the rest of the internet gave this article no second thoughts, so I appreciate your show of solidarity!

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