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This is an unreleased, Member only podcast. There grows no wheat where there is no grain. – Written on the walls at Luxor, Kemet

Are you in an environment that ensures you have the maximum opportunity to achieve whatever it is that you want to achieve? Are you in the right city, industry, or business to achieve your Nia? Do you even know what your Nia is?

I don’t claim to know more than you, but I have had unique experiences in leadership and life that you can learn from. I believe that you can learn as much from failure as you can from success. But in today’s fake society, most gurus try to hide their failures. I believe that by sharing both sides with you, you can succeed faster, live better, and avoid the unseen traps that could sabotage you. That’s what these shorter podcasts are, jewels that I want to leave you with that will make you more effective on your path.

I don’t publish these jewels anywhere else. I don’t have anything to sell you here, and there are no ads. No crazy giveaways. Nobody coming on here to sell you their shea butter (lol). Im never opposed to suggesting books and products and services that are legitimately helpful, but those will be in other podcasts, articles, and videos. The only person who hears these jewels are you, me, and the rest of the family here on the Pan-African Alliance Platform!

The Jewels Podcast
The Jewels Podcast Location

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This was definitely a jewel I needed to hear! With me relocating to Houston, TX from a small southern city and state, I moved to get a different perspective on life and create opportunities that I felt was slim to none back home. Along with me finding my nia, this jewel helped confirm that I’m in the right location. Thanks brother Asad!