5 Forms Of Meditation For African Spirituality And How To Do Them

Meditation For Spiritual Healing

Living in a system of white supremacy can be hell for Black folks. From Madagascar to Mississippi, we are assaulted by white values that disconnect us from who we are. This causes spiritual trauma that can start in childhood and last well into old age.

5 Forms Of Meditation For African Spirituality And How To Do Them

If a child is neglected or isn’t surrounded by consistent love and acceptance during childhood, her brain fails to produce normal levels of neurochemicals that are important for full emotional and physical well-being.

In other words, the child will feel anxious, depressed, unloved, and in danger for the rest of her life. Similar problems can occur in people of all ages when they suffer trauma.

Meditation can help with the negative effects of neglect and trauma by rewiring the structure of the brain. If you are interested in the science behind this assertion, the process is known as limbic revisioning.

How To Meditate For Spiritual Healing

Gratitude is one of the most powerful ways of overcoming trauma. To apply this to meditation, you must go beyond simply saying ‘thank you’. You must experience that gratitude deeply.

When you wake in the morning, or traumatic thoughts start to replay themselves in your mind, spend time meditating with gratitude.

Think of someone who went out of their way to help you when they didn’t have to. Experience their loving kindness. Meditate on their love and acceptance. Realize that they went out of their way to do something for you unconditionally.

Think of all the comfort you have and the other people who made it possible.


If you are religious, think about the love and abundance of the Most High, and the provisions that have been given to you.

Expressing gratitude should be both meditative and expressive. I start every journal entry with gratitude for another person and spend time feeling that gratitude spiritually. If you dont write, speak your gratitude out loud.

Why Gratitude Works

When you experience trauma, the screen in your head puts those traumatic events on replay. Your own thoughts start to torture you by turning the trauma into a pattern of self talk.

Your thoughts whisper to you that you are worthless, a fraud, you deserved whatever happened to you, you are incompetent, and that you dont deserve happiness.

But when you practice deep, respectful, contemplative, heart-based gratitude, your abused limbic system sees this outer, compassionate reflection and fire internally in the same way. Over time, these neurons wire together semi-permanently in a way that supports healing.

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This article just tremendously helped me understand what meditation really is for, how to use it and even understand the different methods! This is amazing!!!! Thank you so much for the content. ?


Absolutely King!


i’m still kind of confused, please is there a way you can help me understand it well?

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Earlier I requested this article. Now, I have found it. I am grateful.


Thank you for the information. Most resourceful and interesting compilations I have found so far. Looking forward to delving deeper.