5 Forms Of Meditation For African Spirituality And How To Do Them

Meditation For Manifestation

Meditation has the power to create results in your body, your life and in the world around you. This isnt ‘spookism’, but a practice that has been embraced by top performers in every industry.

5 Forms Of Meditation For African Spirituality And How To Do Them

Kobe Bryant was one of the best to ever play the game of Basketball. He achieved the second highest single-game score in NBA history of 81 points. Before he achieved this incredible feat, he meditated. He visualized himself scoring over 80 points – he saw his teammates and the opposing players, heard what they were saying, smelled the aromas of the arena, and felt the ball in his hands.

Olympic athletes and high performers all share a similar process of meditating on their performance before they take the field. In fact, almost every professional team has a staff of sports psychologists that teach members meditation, affirmation, and visualization techniques.

In the world of martial arts, Chi Kung is a meditation and breathing exercise used to manipulate energy within the body for healing and for combat.


Practitioners manifest this healing and combat power by directing their life force – called ase in Ifa, Ka in Kemetic, the spirit in the West, and Chi in Eastern systems.

And speaking of Ifa, righteousness – called Iwapẹlẹ –  can be made manifest through meditative recitation and sincere veneration. Initiates use a meditative prayer called adura to connect their Oris (souls) to the Most High Olu-Orun.

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This article just tremendously helped me understand what meditation really is for, how to use it and even understand the different methods! This is amazing!!!! Thank you so much for the content. ?


Absolutely King!


i’m still kind of confused, please is there a way you can help me understand it well?

Clemencia Thomas

Earlier I requested this article. Now, I have found it. I am grateful.


Thank you for the information. Most resourceful and interesting compilations I have found so far. Looking forward to delving deeper.