5 Forms Of Meditation For African Spirituality And How To Do Them

Meditation For Transcendence

Transcendence is the highest form of meditation. When you meditate for spiritual awakening, you do so to come to know yourself. When you meditate for contemplation, you do so to understand your spiritual anatomy. But when you meditate for transcendence, you do so to overcome the limitations of your mind and body.

How The Zulu Used Transcendent Meditation

The Zulus fought with an intensity the British had never seen; rushing forward as if bullets could not harm them, they seemed to be in a trance –  The 33 Strategies Of War

The Zulu were legendary warriors who attributed their success in battle to both brutal training methods and to their ability to transcend their fear in battle. The Zulu used meditation to transcend their mind, overcome their fear, and perform at superhuman levels.

The British had superior weapons and defensive positions when they faced the Zulu at the battle of Isandlwana, yet they were defeated. While it is true that the Zulu had superior knowledge of the terrain, the British attributed the superiority of the Zulu to their minds.

In one account form the battle, a Brittish scout on the plains of Nqutu saw a few Zulus herding cattle some four miles away. He gave chase on his horse, but the Zulus disappeared into thin air.

Riding to the point where they had vanished, he stopped his horse just in time: below him lay a wide, deep ravine, completely hidden from the surface of the plains, and crowded into the ravine, as far as he could see in both directions, were Zulu warriors in full war regalia, an eerie intensity in their eyes.

They were completely silent, in a trance, and seemed to have been meditating on the imminent battle.

In other accounts, the British reported mentions that the “Zulu warriors defeated them because the Zulus ate dagga (marijuana), which rendered them fearless and trance like in the face of the imperial forces’ technologically superior breech-loading rifles, rockets, and small cannons” (Booth, 2003).

The Zulu were able to harness the power of their mind to overcome their fear and physical limitations.

Tukdam State

5 Forms Of Meditation For African Spirituality And How To Do Them
Mummified monk is ‘not dead’ and in rare meditative state, says expert

Over the last 50 years there are said to have been 40 cases in India involving meditating Tibetan monks who have achieved complete transcendence. Known as ‘tukdam state’, these monks enter trances that last for decades or centuries.

In this state, the monk transcends his physical death and becomes one with his light (or rainbow) body.


You may not be preparing for war or trying to transcend death, but meditation can help you transcend pain and ego.

“The subtle causes of suffering are destroyed when the mind merges back into the unmanifest. The gross effects of suffering are discarded through meditation.” – Sutras 10-11

Meditation is the key that unlocks the prison of suffering by returning you to the state of knowledge of who you are. You plug back into the field of pure consciousness and, in doing so, you lift the veil of egoism, eliminate the need for attachment and aversion, and let go of your attachment to pain.

Seeing pain for the illusion that it is, you can be liberated from its control.

How To Create A Meditation Space

5 Forms Of Meditation For African Spirituality And How To Do Them

Meditation can be done any time and in any place. However, it helps to have a space that you can create to get you in the right state. This can be a room that you set aside as your personal temple, or some items that you can pull out when you are ready to practice.

Wherever you choose, you will see more progress by setting the right seats, scents, and sounds.




These are crystals that reduce or eliminate electromagnetic frequencies caused by electronics.

Your mental environment is just as important as your physical environment. If you approach meditation as just another chore or “thing to do”, your mind will interfere with your practice. Likewise, if you approach your practice with unrealistic expectations, you will retard your potential.

Instead, see meditation for what it is: an opportunity to see the truth in yourself and in the world around you. With practice, you will be able to meditate in every action, every day.

That is truly what it means to be woke.

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This article just tremendously helped me understand what meditation really is for, how to use it and even understand the different methods! This is amazing!!!! Thank you so much for the content. ?


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