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[Op-Ed] Understanding Mentacide and Black Unity

[Op-Ed] Understanding Mentacide and Black Unity

Separating the Herd

Before we thought a Trump presidency was even possible, Black people were already falling apart at the seams.  As a collective, African Americans have been complicit and complacent in their self-destruction.  This great divide has been perpetrated through many religious groups and social status cliques.  Essentially, our break down has dropped to the lowest common denominator.  So what exactly does this mean?  In short, Africans can’t truly be free if they don’t come together.

However, the psychological trauma and massive propaganda has done a terrific job at making it desirable to opt out. For instance, mainstream entertainment tends to make Africa the poster child of poverty.  But if that was really the case then why would other nations partake in Africa’s natural resources?  The clever trick of using negative images and basic story telling from the opposition has some Black people looking for a savior.  Since the powers that be label melanoid born citizens with the term African American, it can cause quite the conundrum.  Let’s face it, “Certain Black people just hate being Black.”

Tunnel Confusion


From cooning, to abandoning the Black family and community, the dysfunction is at an all-time high.  As the well informed Bobby Wright said, “As long as you control institutions you can control the behavior of people.”    Unfortunately, we have not been in control of our narrative or destiny for decades.  The lack of wanting, teaching, and supporting Black empowerment has allowed our minds to stay enslaved.

With that being said, the mental illness of self-hate or “Mentacide” separates us from being ourselves.

In light of all of the Black people that try to jump ship from their naturalness, the world still turns.  Not everyone will be on board for Black success or empowerment.  As a matter of fact some people will fight not to come together.  It is for this reason,that many may be called to stand up but only a few are chosen.  We don’t have to agree with each other, but arguing based on petty differences doesn’t help us as a whole.  Neely Fuller said it best, “We are all equal prisoners.”

Since we are not on the slave masters level to fight the real enemy, we attack one another instead.  Sadly, the constant brainwashing from birth has caused many of us to be poisonous against each other.  Regardless of your degrees or skin tone, you are not above catching a bullet from a white supremacist.  In this new stage of Jim Crow the begging and pleading for acceptance is not working.  The system is not only kicking out the wannabe whites but letting them hang for not distancing their Blackness enough.  At the end of the day, every Black person’s focus should be to uplift their own.

This is a guest post from SankoReconnect

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