3 Leaders In Black History Who Unified Diverse Groups To Build Powerful Nations

3 Leaders In Black History Who Unified Diverse Groups To Build Powerful Nations

I firmly believe that everything we need to know to solve today’s problems can be learned from our history (OUR-STORY) and our ancestors. Rather than groping in the dark for solutions, if we only look to the lessons learned by those who came before us then we can move from discussion of problems to application of solutions.

A man that I once knew and greatly respect once told me “Don’t come to my office with a problem unless you bring a solution to go with it.” Such a statement forced me to elevate my consciousness from a position of helplessness and gridlock into a position of self-sufficiency and progress.

In that same spirit, we can all agree that unity is one of the biggest problems that the Black Conscious community faces. We have talked about the presence of this problem for decades and centuries, literally. In Dr. Chancellor Williams’ work, The Destruction of Black Civilization, we are introduced to story after story of Black unity, disunity, reunification, and the subsequent destruction of that unity. It is through his work that we are also given lessons for nation building in the context of African history.

We are a people of many different shades, spiritual backgrounds, political views, orientations, languages and dialects, and academic backgrounds. This rich diversity across the diaspora makes unity that much harder. How do we unite, combine our diverse strengths, and fight as a coalition of one people? Is such a thing even possible?

Three great ancestors – Chief Woot, Queen Nzinga, and Marcus Garvey have already answered those questions for us. Keep reading to learn how they achieved the impossible and brought diverse nations together into powerful empires.

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