Natural Healing and Herbal Remedies with Senebti Botanicals

In this remastered episode of UBA Radio we roll out the Red, Black, and Green carpet for the FIRST QUEEN to grace United Black America Radio – Jennifer from Senebti Botanicals.

Show Notes

Here is what you are about to learn in this episode:

  • Some of the herbs that should be in everyone’s homes
  • What an “herbalist” is and how they are trained
  • How we can start increasing the number of herbalists in our communities across the country to combat the need for visits to the hospital
  • Strategies for finding quality herbs, and what you should avoid
  • How sugar addictions are formed, and what they do to internal organs

…and Jennifer’s advice on how to transition into better eating habits with accountability.

Jennifer’s Biography 

Jennifer’s specialty is in digestive disorders and detox care. She is inspired by traditional and ancient Afrikan and Afro-Caribbean herbalism, shamanism, and Kemetian Sciences.

After receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Agnes Scott College and Master’s degrees in Biology and Physiology, Jennifer became a certified Master Clinical Herbalist and earned a certificate in College Teaching.

Her philosophy is that the energy flow needed for survival, for self-determination, self-help, and for ultimate freedom is blocked when we are sick.

The medical industry has a monetary stake in keeping us sick, but no laboratory drug can safely balance the internal energy of your bodies the way that plant medicines can.

She says that “The plant as a whole has many supportive chemicals that can be used to help us heal. The body in an ill state has many different areas of dis-ease. For example, diabetes has an impact on several organs in the body (pancreas, liver, muscle, nerves, eyes…); it is a complex problem, we have a complex body, and we need a complex solution (whole herbs) to treat ourselves.” 

She enjoys yoga, capoeira martial arts, reading, poetry, hiking, and knitting in her Southern California home. 

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