Neely Fuller Jr. And The 3rd Area of People Activity

Neely Fuller Jr. And The 3rd Area of People Activity


As promised, Hear 2 Help is continuing to review elder Neely Fuller Jr’s work, The United-Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept Textbook and what he describes as the 9 Major Areas of People Activity. Today’s focus will solely be on the 3rd Area of Activity, Entertainment. 

On our first show, we reviewed the 10 Basic Stops Victims of White Supremacy should practice. Last week, we discussed Nelly Fuller’s thoughts on entertainment. This week’s focus will continue to build on the insightful quotes that helped to reiterate thoughts that have promoted great men like Marcus Garvey, and Malcom X to be the legacies they have become.

As always, we have presented notes below.

In this section, we will be displaying the notes from Neely Fuller’s book, that was used for today’s show. It should be noted that, everything discussed is simply a suggestion and that:

No person should speak and/or act according to any suggestion presented herein unless he or she has judged that the suggestion chosen is of current and correct value in helping to eliminate Racism (White Supremacy), and/or, in helping to better promote justice.

When possible, avoid all forms of “entertainment” that requires that you be directly involved with others.

When possible, seek to “entertain” yourself alone. Minimize and/or eliminate all unnecessary time spent in the company of others for purposes of “entertainment”


Under White Supremacy (Racism) non-white people usually spend too much time, energy, and money “entertaining” each other. They spend too much time in each other’s company, doing too many things that produce little of constructive value.

Do not engage in sexual intercourse and/or “sexual play” as a means of “showing off”.


As long as White Supremacy (Racism) exists, no non-white person should ever do anything for purposes of “showing off”.

Under conditions dominated by Racism, it is correct for non-white persons to engage in sexual intercourse only with each other, and only for one or more of the following three purposes:

  • Production of off-spring.
  • Improvement of communications.
  • Minimizing the amount of time/energy spent thinking about, and/or planning for, sexual intercourse.

Do not gloat, cheer, and/or express gladness about the death and/or injury of any person, animal, etc. 


Death and/or injury is never a reason to rejoice.

To “celebrate” the death and/or injury of any person, animal, etc. is unjust and incorrect. It is incorrect to regard killing and/or maiming as “entertainment”.

Do not kill or maim for purposes of entertainment or sport.


Any person who kills or injures any creature for the primary purpose of providing entertainment or “sport” is guilty of promoting injustice and incorrectness.

Except for counter-racist educational purposes, do not support, participate in, and/or be a paying spectator to, any form of “entertainment” or “sport” which has it’s basic objective the glorification of the White Nation (White Supremacy).

Stop acting as if you should be the “entertainment committee” when in the presence of white people.


If they are Racists, they will be laughing at you – not with you.

Listen to “music”. Avoid Listening to “noise”.


“Music” is those sounds that help a person to think constructively. “Noise” is those sounds that hinder a person in thinking constructively.

A person who chooses to listen to “non-constructive” sound, will have non-constructive thoughts.

A person whose mind is dominated by non-constructive thought will speak and/or act in a non-constructive manner.

People who listen to “music”, and hear “music” will become smarter than people who listen to, and hear, “noise”.

Avoid helping to promote “beauty contests”.


It is incorrect to attempt to “contest” beauty.

Beauty is the revelation of truth, and the promotion of justice and correctness.

Also, it is incorrect to directly or indirectly make a sport of, and/or to make jest of talent, ability, disability, physical appearance, etc. It is incorrect to directly, or indirectly, promote arrogant “pride”, belittling division, envy, greed, jealously, (falsehood, injustice, incorrectness) etc.

Do not promote, or participate in, any part of a “social gathering”, for purposes of “fun” or “entertainment”, in which more than two (2) persons are present. Always make sure that one of those persons is yourself, and the other person is a non-white person of opposite (complimentary) sex.


Non-white people waste too much time, energy, and money by promoting, and/or participating in, frivolous or non-constructive “parties” and “social gatherings”.

As long as Racism (White Supremacy) exists, any deliberate “gathering” of more than two people should always be for the purpose of doing constructive labor, and/or, for the purpose of exchanging constructive information.

Most so-called “social gatherings” of non-white people are none other than excuses to “show-off” or gossip, and/or to engage in nit-picking, or malicious plotting.

An “entertainment party” that is limited to one male [non-white] person, and one female [non-white] person, should produce the following constructive results:

  • Less:
    • money, time, and/or energy spent preparing and comparing clothing, trinkets, and other material possessions
    • time and/or energy spent preparing to become familiar.
    • hypocrisy, deception, and/or “show-offism” in any act associated with sexual intimacy, sexual intercourse, and/or “sexual play”.
    • time, energy, and/or money wasted in the effort to make “sexual impressions” while pretending not to intend to do so.
    • dishonesty, and the promotion of an easier and more relaxed exchange of views that best helps to reveal the true objectives of the persons present
    • time and/or energy spent comparing so-called “educational backgrounds”, and/or social or financial “status”.
    • fewer persons involved in the direct spread of gossip, idle talk, “nit-picking” or malicious plotting.