9 Reasons Most “Pan-African” Activists Are Faking It

9 Reasons Most “Pan-African” Activists Are Faking It

If you seek to honestly call yourself a Pan-African, you must be honest in your actions and intentions (and not be afraid to call out those who are not).

I can always tell who is and isn’t truly a Pan-African because of the following 9 reasons.

1. They Don’t Support A United States of Africa

9 Reasons Most “Pan-African” Activists Are Faking It

You are not a Pan-African if you don’t understand the fact that a United States of Africa is the principal objective of Pan-African thought. With the establishment of a unified continent, Africans both at home and abroad will be able to effectively play a role on the world stage.

We can build, rise, do business, inherit and pass on legacies, and raise our progeny within the security of our own borders and our own original culture.

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I agree, I would add that this should be one of the the first messages sent, along with the initial welcome to all persons who are considering joining this organization to weed out the self absorbed glory seekers.


I concur!

Ramon Smith

I would include “if you’re still practicing a western religion & still seeing traditional African religion as witchcraft or the dark arts or not a religion at all, then you’re not a Pan-Africanist.