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🎵 Podcast🎵 #Bitcoin , Black Boys, and The Bully Returns!

🎵 Podcast🎵 #Bitcoin , Black Boys, and The Bully Returns!

Black folks can no longer afford to ignore bitcoin! We are at risk of missing out on one of the greatest wealth-building events in this decade. When we first introduced you to bitcoin, the currency was trading at $600 per coin. Today, its trading at $8,000.

Investing is actually the really easy part. Here is how to get started step by step: 

Step 1: Go to http://unitedblackamerica.org/bitcoin . That is where you can start investing. Its free, and there are no upfront fees. In fact, I will give you $10 for free to get started.

Step 2: Create an account. Its easier to do this on your phone, since you might have to take a picture of your id card to confirm your bank account belongs to you

Step 3: Link Up A Paypal or an account. That is how you will move money around. Transfer funds into your bitcoin wallet, and sell your bitcoin for cash if you ever want to move your money. 

That’s it! Once you are signed up, you can start buying bitcoin and ethereum (stay away from Litecoin for now) and watch your portfolio grow. 

In this podcast, we build on why bitcoin will continue to rise, and we roll the red black and green carpet for our Brother, Dave Anderson – founder of Black Boys Win!

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