Building Black Wealth and Black Power With Jay Morrison

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Jay “Mr Real Estate” Morrison is a King who lives his life mission and has led by example when it comes to the economic empowerment of his people. He has done that by building a $20 Million Dollar portfolio of real estate.

According to Jay Morrison has an etimated personal net worth of $12 million. He received most of his earnings from real estate.

He also owns the Jay Morrison Academy where he has taught hundreds if not thousands of students how to do the same.

He is the CEO and fund manager of Tulsa Real Estate Fund, the first African-American owned Regulation A+ Tier II crowdfund designed to revitalize urban communities across the U.S.

You might have seen his interview with the Breakfast Club, or you might have caught his Fox News Debate Charles Payne where he did an excellent job of putting him down on air, or you might have seen him on his numerous appearances on the Today Show. Now you are going to hear from the man himself right here right now!

Here Is What You Will Discover

  • Why our liberation starts with our education
  • How Jay Morrison built his empire, and his advice for you on building a team and building business systems
  • The mindset needed to go from the street corner to being the lord of your land
  • How to get the mentorship you need to move to the next level
  • Why your ultimate goal isn’t to work in your own business, but to work your way out of your business!

…and the 5 basic steps you can take to become the lord of your land.

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